Get Inspired For Some DIY Home Projects With These Super Cute Wallpaper Designs

Plain white boxes – yes they used to be in trend – but who’d wish to live bland now?

Whether it is to flaunt before friends or simply to create a space that resonates with your character, home decor is incomplete without the right wall design.

We know you wish to revamp your space, and you’re not interested in the usual paint and polish schemes. Well, worry not then. We’ve got your back.

Here are some of our handpicked DIY home projects that you can take up, and you need not spend a fortune on them. With a wallpaper that is easy to remove and paste, you’ll find it a lot more convenient to switch between decors. And that too without having to make many changes around as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Take The Rustic Route

There’s still a lot of buzz about the old-school charm. Be it a rustic door or a rustic wall, it’s sure to bring in the old-school vibes to your home.

Pick out an ombre removable wallpaper with pastel or rustic shades in watercolour. Install some unpainted wood furniture around. And you’re done!

Showcase Your Treasure

Whether it’s your precious heirloom collection or your accolades, with accent walls and complementing fittings around you can easily draw attention to your treasured pieces.

Choose textures or patterns to install on one of the walls in your living room. Or you can also choose to highlight just the portion where you place your treasures.

Illusive Spaces

Particularly, for smaller spaces, it is pretty difficult to keep everything in harmony. You wouldn’t want anything to be overly loud or subtle.

But, worry not, with horizontal or vertical striped patterns in monochrome you can easily create an illusion of a bigger space. And that too without overdoing your space.

Faux Industrial Ambience

Though it’s not at all new, it’s still trending. Clean and bold colours in dull yet illuminating spaces can easily create faux industrial decor for your interiors.

And the best part is, you can opt for a wallpaper that is easy to remove, in case you need to change the decor after a few months. Install simplistic industrial pieces around, and you’re all set to go.

The Bohemian Wall

Everyone wants a space that is unique in its entirety. So may, you as well. Then why not think out of the box? With pieces from all your travels and adventures, in blend with floral or watercolour backdrops, you can easily create your own masterpiece.

To take it a notch higher, you can also include your art pieces. Personalizing it to your specific taste and characteristic representation.

When you’re decorating your interiors, make sure you do it to your own preferences. At last, it’s your space, and you should be the one who loves the decor. Pick up ideas and inspiration from wherever you can get it, but don’t forget to include your own personal touch to your interior.

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