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Get your Estate Watched by Qualified Professionals

Managing an estate or property in your absence can be a challenging affair that’s best left in the hands of qualified professionals. So, when you’re traveling or are away from home, you require responsible and trusted people to take good care of your abode, live in it, pay attention to the needs of your pets, or simply provide their presence to keep pests, trespassers and other potential risks at bay. This is where estate sitters come into the picture to provide you with more peace of mind. Here, we help you understand the nuances of estate sitting and why homeowners are now hiring trustworthy people for infusing their properties with care and attention. 

Estate Sitting – Connecting Homeowners and Estate Managers

Rural, urban, quaint, enormous, or just about any other type of abode cannot be left unattended or unoccupied for long; it can be risky and lead to unwarranted situations like burglary. Be it short term rentals attributed to VRBO and Airbnb, large house sitting, or sprawling estates, estate sitting connects homeowners and managers to people who’re ready to take up positions of responsibility. 

Need for Estate Sitters

From pests and maintenance issues to security concerns, there are several things to take care of in properties. It’s no longer correct to think that your unoccupied property can be left unoccupied or unattended. In case you are living in a small condo or apartment, you can simply walk off after locking the door; but all properties are not the ‘lock and walk’ types. Unoccupied properties happen to be vulnerable. 

Say, you have a large garden with lots of plants and flowers that you’ve been nurturing with care. Who would water them in your absence? While you expect them to attend to your property, it’s necessary you revert them back in the same way. Brooke Patterson from suggests that you allow a house sitter to use dishwashers and washing machines so that they can better clean up after themselves. Unless your housesitters take good care of themselves, how do you expect them to care for your home?

Risks of Leaving your Home Unoccupied

Any property, if left unattended, will deteriorate with time. For instance, if there’s water seepage from the roof or a crack in the wall that’s unrepaired, the problem is likely to increase with time. The trees growing in your premises, may drop their limbs or grow in uncontrolled ways to become hazardous for neighbors and those passing by.

Another possible situation could be a pest infestation. pests prefer to creep into unattended areas. The other risks include plumbing tasks like leaking pipes that need immediate attention to avoid problems like water seepage into floors, spoiled furniture and furnishings, telltale watermarks, musty smells, and so forth. 

Mitigating the Hazards of an Unoccupied Home

Some popular and helpful means of protecting your property when you are absent include: 

  • Making investments in surveillance or security
  • Keeping the temperature controls at ambient levels
  • Hiring professionals to keep a regular and consistent check on your property
  • Getting someone to maintain your lawn, back garden, and indoor plants
  • Removing all such items that are likely to attract pests
  • Making sure that your valuables are locked or kept in a safe place
  • Unplugging and turning off appliances

By undertaking these and other actions, you can be assured of proper repairs, care, and maintenance while you’re gone. 

How do House-sitters Help?

By investing in the professional services provided by a house sitter, you can also get regular information and feedback as necessary. These professionals remain connected with you at all times and help you take care of your property remotely. For instance, you may even expect to get a picture image of your favorite flower blossoming, or your pooch sitting on the porch – even if you’re thousands of miles away!

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