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Get Your Home Sparkling Clean With This Simple Guide

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It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. Spring, summer, autumn or winter. We can all be motivated to get our home in order and clean. A spring clean doesn’t just happen in spring, you know? Whatever your motivation is, now is the time to get your home in shape. In this guide, you will find some useful tips on getting the inside and outside in order.

It’s time for a clear out

First things first you need to clear out all of the things you no longer use or need. Starting with the inside. This could be anything from clearing out your wardrobe, decluttering rooms and sorting through older items. People accumulate a lot of the things over the years. So when it comes to wanting to get your home in order you have to be brutal. If it’s in your wardrobe and you haven’t worn it for over a year, it goes to the junk pile. If you have papers and magazines stacking up that you want to read but haven’t had the time, recycle the paper and clear the space. If you have children and boxes full of toys, sort through the ones they no longer play with and donate some to a charity or a friend.

When it comes to your outside space, the same applies. Work through your shed spaces and garden storage. What tools do you no longer use or need. Has some of the patio furniture seen better days? Create a pile of the unwanted things and clear the space ready to be cleaned and for new items.

Once you have all the stuff you no longer need, then call in a company that offers Same-Day Rubbish Removal. Meaning it gets taken away quickly and disposed of effectively.

Do the chores you don’t do that often

Now’s the time to get cracking on the cleaning. If you are motivated to get your home in shape, then this is when you should do the cleaning jobs you may not do that often. Things like cleaning the insides of the windows. Cleaning out the oven and fridge. Even getting outside and giving your patios or garden walls a steam clean. A few hours work in these areas can make such a huge difference to how your home feels.

These jobs don’t get done often because they often the hardest jobs to do. But once they are done you don’t have to think about doing them again for a while.

Get everyone involved

You don’t have to be the only one doing all this work. Get the whole family involved. Get your partner to do some of those DIY jobs you have been asking to be done for a while. Hang those pictures and shelves up. Mow the lawns and plant some new flowers. If you have children get them to take ownership of their bedrooms and clean up. Offer some reward for helping out, like a meal out afterwards.

Spruce your home up with a few new furnishings

Finally, once your home is all clean and sparkling then treat yourself to some new home furnishings to finish it off. Perhaps a few new cushions for your sofa, or some photo frames to display some new family portraits. You could even purchase some candles for display. You will have such a sense of pride in your home once you spend a little time on it.


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