Get Yourself this Online Running App

Jogging on a treadmill just got easier with Vingo, the latest and the best Online running app. So, if you are a fan of treadmills, get ready to transform your running time into a virtual adventure. Here are a few features of this amazing app that will surely make you want to replan your workout schedule.

Enter a Stunning Virtual Universe

Vingo is filled with a lot of picturesque locations all taken from real locations across the world. Be it the snow-filled landscapes of Greenland or the grassy plains of Mongolia, you can get to those spots with just a click on your screen. But first, you need to install the app on your smartphone or your TV and place the screen in front of you. This way you can get a completely immersive experience from the app.

By using different landscapes Vingo stimulates your subconscious to relax yourself and perform better. You won’t have to feel claustrophobic in your house anymore and Indoor running won’t be the same. It will be a delightful adventure from now on.

Recreate Yourself

You can transform your running experience on Vingo by creating a new identity for yourself. Just upload your selfie on the app and it will generate your avatar with it. You can add different attires, workout gear, and even your pets to your avatar. These avatars are what you will see as you get online. You can notice that your avatar copies your movements as you start running on your treadmill. Some might say that Vingo is the metaverse for work-outs and they are correct too.

A Social Networking App with Multiple Functionalities

On Vingo you can connect with a lot of people from several countries across the world. The online platform is shared by many users all the time. Different people from different regions and time zones sharing the same maps in the app will lead to all of them getting to meet each other online, inside the app. Using the voice chat feature on the app you can talk to different people in real-time.

You can also form new communities within the app and add members to it. Or, if you want to become part of a community, you can ask for an entry into one of them and become a member. Most people connect with their long-lost friends on Vingo and get on work-out sessions together. All of this makes Vingo a better social network than Facebook or Twitter.

Join for Free – Create a Free Account

Right now, Vingo is open to all and it will remain so till the end of this year. The developers have put the app in Beta mode, where any user can invite up to 8 people to join them on the app. All the users will have their own accounts and they can enjoy unlimited access and usage inside the app. The price will increase once the beta version is closed.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Vingo, start your online running and transform your work-outs now.