Getting in Shape after Pregnancy: 4 things to do

post partum exercise

Your body undergoes a lot of transformation during pregnancy. And it doesn’t stop there. After pregnancy, expect your body to undergo some major transformation as well.  When these transformations occur, you may find it hard to look at yourself in the mirror as you always did pre-pregnancy.

Body changes after delivery shouldn’t make you fret, or loathe your body. With the right measures and exercises (light), coupled with loads of commitment, you can get in shape. Here are 4 things to do in order to get in shape after pregnancy.

1. Eat Healthily

After giving birth to your bundle of joy, you may feel the urge to jump on the latest diet for weight loss to shed some pounds. While such an idea is commendable, you should understand that your body doesn’t need it at that time. What your body needs at this period is the right nutrition to heal.

If you are a nursing mother, the extra food will play a significant role in producing nutritious milk to keep your little one healthy. Raise your intake of fruits and veggies to restore your lost nutrients. Such a diet provides your body with what you need to recover and bounce back.

2. Engage in a light workout

After birth, your body undergoes lots of crazy transformation. One of the most common of these transformations, and probably the most disliked, is weight gain. Weight gain is normal for women who were recently put to bed. When you observe a huge spike in your weight, you may want to hit the gym and engage in those rigorous exercises to shed those excess pounds.

But sorry to break it to you, following this path isn’t advisable as it risks you getting injured. Rather than getting into vigorous exercises too early, consider light workout like,

  • Little walk
  • Happy baby yoga pose
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Core strengthening workout is another alternative
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Cycling

Aside from engaging in light exercises, you can also consider returning to work, especially if your work involves little physical activity. Doing so should keep you fit and fast-track your recovery.

3. Consider breast augmentation

Your body undergoes multiple changes after birth. Some of these changes are emotional, while some are physical.  One of the common physical changes occurs on the breasts. After birth women experience various changes to their breasts. For some, their breasts become fuller, for others, it becomes heavier, etc.

Some women also sag after delivery. If your breasts sag after delivery you may want to consider breast augmentation by Dr. Luis Macias, to restore the fullness of your breasts. It is recommended that nursing mothers wait 3 to 6 months after they have stopped secreting milk to get a breast augmentation. 

4. Pelvic floor workouts

As said, getting fit post-pregnancy involves engaging in light exercises designed to strengthen visible areas of your body. But what about those not-so-visible areas of your body that take a beating during childbirth? One of such areas is your pelvic floor. 

Your pelvic floor muscles can become feeble as a result of the pressure of labour, particularly for those who had a vaginal delivery. Consider pelvic floor exercises like Kegels and pelvic tilt to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles,


After pregnancy, your body undergoes a serious transformation that may make you appear and feel different than usual. At this point, it is left for you to get into shape. Thanks to the tips above, you have a shot at recovering and getting back in shape. 

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