Go on a Click Frenzy for Online Shopping

Hands up if you love online shopping? Me! In fact, it is estimated that 87% of Australian’s shop online. A recent study has shown Australia’s total online shopping spend rose from $8billion in 2011 to $14.7billion in 2016. Personally, I would hate to think how much I contribute to that figure (and I’m sure my husband would too!).

According to Australia Post’s Inside Australian Online Shopping report, fashion is one of the most popular goods to buy online (naturally!). I can honestly say, most of my wardrobe from the last five years or so has been purchased online. Online shopping is convenient. I can shop any time of day. Don’t have to worry about trying to find a park at the local shopping centres. Plus, you save time! With shopping centres getting bigger, it takes so much time going from one end of the centre to the other to the stores you want to go to (I actually did this last weekend. I needed to go to Myer and EB Games. The stores were at opposite ends of our huge shopping centre. I literally spent most of the day doing shopping and grocery shopping. I could have spent an hour doing everything I had to online and saved at least a few hours!).

Of course, a lot of online shopping comes from sales and snapping up a bargain that you can’t find in store and the best collective online sale is Click Frenzy Mayhem. Click Frenzy Mayhem is a 24 hour shopping extravaganza with 1000s of incredible deals from premium retail brands. There are two main sales events per year, one on the 3rd Tuesday in November and May Mayhem. In fact, more than 300 retailers offered up deals of up to 90 per cent off retail price in the November Click Frenzy. I bought some PJ’s from Peter Alexander, some clothing from The Iconic and I snapped up some bargains for the boys from Surfstitch. I saved $100’s of dollars on items I was going to have to buy anyway.

Click Frenzy Mayhem is the next sale event. It launches at 7pm on the 16th May. I have my credit card at the ready for this event and have also set up a free parcel locker address with Australia Post.

I wish I had have obtained a parcel locker earlier, as I have had to drive 20 minutes out of my way (each way) to pick up two missed parcel deliveries (from our areas Australia Post Distribution Centre) in the last few weeks. Something I really didn’t have time for and took time out of my working day.

Thankfully, the Australia Post Parcel Locker is located outside our nearest 7-eleven store and near my son’s school. So, now I can pick up my parcels when it is convenient for me. It also means I don’t have to wait around the house for a parcel or put off client meetings or appointments because I know a parcel is coming. I can pick parcels up after school drop off, before I pick the boys up in the afternoon or weekends. Did I mention the parcel locker is free? How good is that?

For more information on how to obtain a parcel locker for yourself, head to the Australia Post website.

This post was a sponsored post in conjunction with Australia Post and Click Frenzy as per our Disclosure Policy. All thoughts are our own.

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