Great Examples Of High-Quality Meal Delivery Plans

With less access to fresh foods at grocery stores and restrictions on when we can go out, there is no better time to try out meal delivery plans than right now!

Whatever your diet, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or carnivore, there are so many fantastic and healthy options to satisfy all of your cravings. 

Keep reading to discover the most high-quality meal delivery plans available for you to start today!

Wholesome 2 Go

Wholesome 2 Go offers affordable and healthy meals to suit every lifestyle. This wholesome meal delivery can be modified for every type of diet and for allergies and dislikes. 

For $63 per day, you’ll get 3 meals and 2 snacks delivered directly to your door.

Purple Carrot

For those interested in trying a completely plant-based diet, Purple Carrot is the way to go. They offer a huge variety of incredibly delicious meals and can even add snacks so that you’re never hungry throughout the day. 

For two people and four dinners per week, you’ll pay $75 with their first-timer discount. Check them out!


Calling all comfort food lovers! If you’re obsessed with mashed potatoes and country fried veggie chicken, Veestro is the meal delivery service for you. Everything is organic and fully prepared so you don’t have to do a thing but heat it up. They are also able to adapt diets to help with weight loss.

Pricing varies based on your choice of meal (a la carte, weight loss, or chef’s choice).

Urban Remedy

If you’re looking for clean, healing food that’s delivered directly to your door, Urban Remedy was made for you. Urban Remedy focuses on whole foods that are great for your body and mind. 

You can choose between macro bowls and juice cleanses to anti-inflammation meal plans. If you’ve ever wanted to give healthy eating a real shot, Urban Remedy is a great place to start. 

Prices vary based on the meal plan chosen. You can do the Kate Upton meal plan for $259 per week over the course of 12 weeks.

Hungry Root

If you still want a bit of cooking in your life, Hungry Root does your grocery shopping and sends you easy recipes to follow so that you can still claim chef rights. Each recipe takes only 10 minutes, so even if you’re rolling in from work late you won’t have to spend an hour prepping and cooking a meal.

Hungry Root’s recipes are a great mix of healthy and still fit for comfort food lovers. 

Prices start at $59 per week. 

Green Chef

Green Chef offers meal plans for every kind of diet. From keto and paleo to balanced living and plant-based, Green Chef has the perfect plan for you. They also offer a family plan that covers all of these options so everyone in your family will be satisfied. 

Get Your Meal Delivery Plans Today

Now that you know how many amazing meal delivery plans are available to you, it’s time to start ordering! 

Many programs offer free or discounted trials which is a great way to test the waters before committing to a program. You’ll save time, energy, and you’ll eat healthier with these meal plans designed to please.

Start shopping today! Or, if you’re not ready to commit yet, keep reading to explore your options.

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