Great Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

We’re well into February, which means that winter’s almost over! You may be wrapped up in blankets now, but when the weather starts getting nice, you won’t want to stay sweltering indoors. I know I’ve had a few summers when I’ve wished my garden was better for having company. Here are some of the ways you can get your garden ready for summer.


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First of all, perform some pest control. Aphids and other creepy crawlies thrive in spring. When the weather just starts brightening up, you may see plants like roses and fruit trees with curled or poorly formed leaves. You should take this as a sign of aphids, and act straight away! Getting around the problem is pretty simple. Simply blast the affected plants with a strong jet of water. To be extra sure, you might want to use an insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Be careful, though. Some of these products can be harmful to certain plants. If you want a strictly natural option, then encourage ladybirds in your garden. Snails and slugs can be removed by hand, or baited if you’re as squeamish as me!


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Next, plant a few new flowers and plants. There’s a lot of variety here, so take your time planning what you want! A lot of gardeners focus on sweet-smelling flowers in the summer, such as roses, gardenias and jasmine. Of course, the flowers you’ll be able to grow in spring all depends on the climate you’re living in. To make sure you don’t waste money, I recommend talking to someone at a nearby garden centre. You should also try to tidy up your turf, and prune any bushes that need it as early as possible. Evergreens and hedges start growing around the spring, so it’s best to get pruning out of the way quickly. Fruit trees, on the other hand, should ideally be pruned in the winter.


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Finally, get a new feature for your garden. A lot of people have gardens which aren’t much more than a lawn and a few flowerbeds. If you want yours to be a truly heavenly green patch, then get a few artificial features. A koi carp pond probably isn’t quite practical, but there are a lot of options out there! A fire pit for the patio can make a lovely touch, and will keep your guests chatting and laughing long into the night. Statues can also throw in a little intrigue to your garden. Remember to choose a theme with these, and avoid oversaturating the lawn with stone. Even some lawn chairs or a contemporary garden bench can make all the difference to the character of your garden.

Take these steps, and you’ll have a much more welcoming and relaxed garden. Anything to do with the garden may feel like a massive chore right now. However, I’m sure you won’t be thinking about the hard work when you’re relaxing in the sun! The last point I’ll drive home is to plan in advance. There are countless plants you can have in your garden, and you don’t want to regret a big purchase!


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