The 3 S’s: Your Guide To Flawless Home Design


No matter how house proud you are, chances are there are always little improvements you could make at home. This is true for pretty much all of us, and it can be a real challenge trying to get the home to a condition you are truly pleased with. In this post, we are going to try and discover an answer to this old question. No matter how pleased (or not) you are with your home, there is always improvement to be had. Let’s take a look at how to get the ideal kind of home design, by taking a look at the three S’s: the three things that you need to prioritise when you are planning out your design.


First up is the first thing that most people think of when they are planning out their interior design. Style is what you are probably looking for in your home, if you want your home to look and feel great. But achieving it is another matter altogether, something which only relatively few people can get right most of the time. For most of us, achieving the right kind of style is a matter of continual trial-and-error, and you never quite know how successful you’ve been until it has been many months down the line. In general, the right style is accomplished by ensuring a decent balance of different looks and feels. It is balance above all which does it. First of all, you have the balance of tone; in other words, matching and mixing colours in a way which makes sense to the eye. Then you have balance of focus; you don’t want too many harsh focal points in rooms, as it helps to shake things up a bit. Finally, there is balance of composition, meaning that you need to space out things like furniture in an even way.



This is something that you don’t often see in guides on house style, and yet it is hugely important to know how to properly incorporate security into your interior design. If you do not pay any attention to the security of the home, then you might find that your home is both beautiful and subject to various potential threats. Of course, this is no good, and a balance which it helps to try and avoid altogether. To ensure that security is given the proper amount of consideration, it is often helpful to get it out of the way first. Install your security systems and your hurricane panels and so on, and then you can get to work on how it all looks.


There is little use in having plenty of style and a secure home, if there is nothing there to really make it a home. As well as the above, it also pays to think of what you actually want the home to have. This means you need to think about the furniture, the decor, how the whole place is laid out – everything which might affect the actual feel of the place. This is what you are looking for on a daily basis, after all, so it is a good idea to try and pin it down early on.

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