Your Hallways Don’t Have To Be Boring


For most of us, the time we spend in transit is the least interesting or satisfying time in our lives. Slumped behind the wheel in gridlock, squashed against the steamy window of a packed bus, curled up against the air-con in a drafty train carriage. Walking down a hallway is a miniature act of transit; but it doesn’t have to be boring! Particularly if you live in an urban area where real estate is at a premium, every inch of your house is precious and should be used to its full advantage. Or, if you don’t live in the city and your house is vast, it’s equally important to utilise all the parts of your home so that there is no dead space, and so that you house makes a composite, harmonious whole.

Mounting Photos

If you don’t have a mantle piece of if yours is already too cluttered, the hallway is a good place to mount framed pictures. We often forget to look at the mantlepiece, the secular shrine that is common to so many homes, but having photos of your loved ones, your ancestors and beautiful holidays is a lovely way to keep these treasured things fresh in your thoughts. Since a hallway is such a large blank space to work with, you can make imaginative and playful arrangements of photographs.



If your hallway is wide enough, mounting pigeonholes can be an excellent storage space for small objects, books and ornaments. It can be difficult to find enough plane surfaces in a home to house all one’s decor items; small plywood cubes or shelves can be an excellent spot to display them.


Feature Walls

Painting one wall in the hallway a bright or earthy tone can lift the whole space.



Laying a rug in a hallway is a great way to introduce beautiful patterns and textures to the space. Most hallways, particularly long ones, are echo chambers and the sound of heels stomping up and down is unpleasant and distracting for everyone in the house. Laying a rug not only muffles footsteps but also gives the hallway a warmth, cosiness, and a personal touch. Follow this URL for examples of rugs that can make your house a home.



Walking from room to room is when a lot of people get a little thinking done; particularly if you have a long corridor, the mind might wander as your feet do. Having a chalkboard mounted on the wall in your corridor is an excellent spot to be able to jot down things remembered and soon to be forgotten. Chalkboard cloth and chalkboard paint are exciting new products on the market, worth checking out!


Mural on the Walls or Ceiling

if you’re adventurous, and feel the artist inside you longing to spread their wings, get the whole family involved in painting a mural on one of the walls, or even the ceiling!


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