How IV Can Benefit You To Maintain Personal Wellness

Intravenous medical treatment can be routed back to 1831. It was successfully employed by Dr. Thomas Latta of Leith for the first time in studies concerning cholera treatment. It was further developed and made available commercially through the 1950s.

Soon it was accepted as an effective way to deliver vital nutrients and minerals, and medication. This method targets the concerned cells and tissues, bypassing the digestive system. That is the reason for its widespread popularity in the field of medicine.

Here are the top 5 benefits of IV in different situations.

  • It Can Assist With Weight loss

IVs usually comprise minerals and vitamins in saline solutions. Specific medicines, such as lipotropic drugs, if delivered along with supporting vitamins, can help break down fat naturally. IVs, in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can bring better results. The drugs help break down body fat,  while a healthy diet replenishes with necessary energy. Combining exercise can help burn the smaller fat molecules.

  • Rapid Fatigue Relief Is A Bonus

As already mentioned, IVs contain a blend of nutrients and vitamins in a saline solution, they are pretty helpful in coping with fatigue. Rigorous workout entails high levels of energy consumption by body tissues. This energy is generated by breaking down nutrients in the body. A fatigued body contains a diminished amount of these nutrients. Rehydrating fluids can assist with the recovery. IVs offer this relief in a shorter time as the fluids bypass the digestive system and nourish the cells rapidly.

  • IV Can help With Hangover Recovery

Considering the traditional methods to recover from a hangover after a binge party, they take time. Hangover results due to the diuretic nature of alcohol. In other words, it deprives your body of the essential nutrients and dehydrates it in the process. Due to this loss, the muscles and tissues shrink and cause headaches and muscle aches. Matt Heistan of AZ IV Medics ( says that over 50% of the body is made up of water, which is why the longer you go with inadequate fluid intake, the worse you will feel. With IVs, you can easily recover from a hangover through rapid rehydration.

  • Can Help Enhance Athletic Performance

Athletes, in the pursuit of higher goals, are always pushing their body to its limits. Intense training sessions require a lot of nutrients and derived energy. Along with replenishing these nutrients, flushing out the toxins naturally is also important for athletes. And IVs can help with all of this. They offer quick relief, facilitate natural detox of the body, and rejuvenate the body with necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Substance abuse is amongst the most dangerous diseases that plague modern generations. To cope up with this problem, many addiction treatment programs are introduced which involve medical and physiological methods. In this context, IVs can be a great support for addicts to overcome their dependency on the substance. It can help reduce withdrawal symptoms and flush out the free radicals produced from prolonged toxic exposure.

There are many more benefits that IVs offer apart from those listed. In any case, these can provide the recipients with quick relief from chronic as well as acute ailments.

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