A female cosmetologist examines the face of a girl in a cosmetology clinic.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost on Average?

A female cosmetologist examines the face of a girl in a cosmetology clinic.

Are those endless pandemic-era zoom calls the reason behind the recent rise in cosmetic surgery?

We may never know. But the numbers are precise. Last year, there was a 54% rise in facial procedures and a 63% jump in cosmetic body procedures. 

Last year, rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) was one of the most popular procedures. But how much does rhinoplasty cost? If you want to transform the features on your face and are interested in this procedure, read on. 

What Is Rhinoplasty? 

The better-known term for rhinoplasty is the nose job. It’s probably one of the most dramatic alterations you can choose as our nose is a distinct part of our appearance.

But if you want to improve your facial features because of a crooked or prominent nose, it might be a good option. But can it make your nose smaller? This article will give you a comprehensive answer to that question. 

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost? 

Before looking at costs, it’s worth understanding the benefits of rhinoplasty and what happens when you get this procedure. 

The surgeon will work on removing cartilage to make a nose smaller or changing the shape by moving some of the bone and cartilage. It involves cuts to the skin and takes place under a general anesthetic.

But it doesn’t leave any long-term scarring, and recovery is relatively quick. However, it may take time for the local swelling to reduce and see the final transformation. 

It’s also a standard treatment with a good safety record. A reputable clinic will ensure you get all preliminary medical tests before you commence surgery. Make sure you factor in the cost of these tests as part of your treatment. 

Let’s turn now to rhinoplasty prices.

The surgery typically costs anywhere from $5000 to $15000, including pre-surgery medical examinations. What you pay will depend on where you live, the reputation of the clinic, and the complexity of the rhinoplasty surgery. 

You might also want to have multiple consultations before the final treatment. That will cost extra but will help you achieve the result you desire.   

Some patients also prefer to recover in the hospital after the operation, so you’ll need to cover that stay’s costs. 

Are There Ways to Reduce the Treatment Cost? 

If you currently reside in the US, you could search overseas for cheaper cosmetic treatments.

Even when you factor in the flights and hotel, many patients find this is more cost-effective. Eastern Europe is a popular destination for low-cost cosmetic procedures. 

Another option you can consider is a payment plan. Some clinics will offer a more manageable long-term payment option for the treatment, which means you can get started sooner instead of saving for the surgery.

You could also consider paying for the surgery using a low-interest loan or credit card. 

Is Rhinoplasty the Treatment for You?

So how much does rhinoplasty cost? As you can see, it is a relatively affordable treatment. This treatment could be an excellent cosmetic surgery choice if you want to achieve a dramatic facial transformation.

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