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How To Absolutely Rehab Your Home In 10 Days!

The experience of restoring a home is unique. You’ll have days when everything goes well and days when it doesn’t, but, the usual approach is to expect it to take months or even years.

However, if you choose the right home, you can actually rehab it completely in as little as 10 days. Of course, you’ll need the right team of assistants!

Get The Right House

It’s difficult to rehab a house in such a short space of time if you’ve picked one that needs new electrics and plumbing. That’s why, if you want to rehab it quickly, it pays to choose a home with a good plumbing system and recent wiring. 

These are two of the biggest and messiest issues that any homeowner needs to deal with. Don’t forget, if you’re planning on rehabbing the house in a short space of tie in order to sell it for a profit, spending out on electrics and plumbing is difficult to recoup in the value of the home. 

The simple truth is, it can’t be seen.

You should also verify that the roof is sound. Windows and doors can be relatively easily replaced but you’ll have to factor it into your budget.

Clad It

The best thing you can do to totally transform your home within a day or two is clad it. But, don’t just get any cladding. Opt for palliside cladding.

This is native to Australia, extremely long-lasting, and looks fantastic. Cladding doesn’t just instantly transform the outside of your home. It also adds an extra layer of insulation and protects your outer walls.  In short, it can actually reduce energy bills.

Paint It

The next step is one that can be done at the same as the cladding, painting the inside of your home. You’ll need to use a pastel color to ensure the house looks larger and bright. However, while white can be a useful option in places, too much will make the house feel cold and it will be difficult for people to imagine themselves living there. 

Coating the whole house with a layer of paint will transform the feel of it.

Replace The Kitchen

Next, you’ll want to look at the kitchen and the bathroom, these are two of the most important rooms in the house. In fact, the kitchen is still regarded as the heart of the home.

You don’t need to rip it all out. As long as the layout is good simply replace the cupboard doors and countertops, it will make the kitchen look new. 

The same is true in the bathroom, as long as the appliances are white you only need to replace the fixtures.

The Floors

Believe it or not, you’ve nearly rehabbed the entire house already. You will need to spend a little time looking at the floors. If they’re okay, keep them. If not consider removing the flooring to reveal the wood floor underneath. This can be stained and will look fantastic.

If you need to replace flooring consider using vinyl, it’s cheap, comes in a variety of patterns, and looks good. 


Finally, don’t forget that first impressions count. While you can landscape your entire garden all you really need to do is ensure there is a clear line-of-sight to the house and everything is tidy. That’s an easy job than re-doing the entire garden.

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