How To Add Value And Make Your Home Sell

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So, you have put your house on the market and are ready to start a new chapter in your life? Congratulations for making the big decision, but what most people don’t realise is how long it can take for your old property to sell. And, unfortunately, the old property has to sell before the majority of us can afford to buy the new one. Don’t worry, though because there are a few ways to sell your house faster and meet your needs.


Make Repairs

Homeowners will buy homes if they have potential, but the majority of them would rather move straight into a property. Would you buy a bare shell of a house over a well maintained home with fixtures and fittings? If the prices were similar, you would buy the maintained house every time. So, if you have any odd jobs that need doing, get them done before the viewers visit.



Very similar to the point above, but this one is even easier. There is no excuse not to tidy up beforehand. If you had guests, you would certainly make sure your house looked its best. Well, this is no different, apart from the fact that the guests have a pile of cash they might spend on your home. Plus, it is the easiest thing in the world to do, especially for the difference it makes. You only need a good five to ten minutes to make it happen, as long as you put in a lot of elbow grease!


Don’t Depersonalise

The problem with tidying up is taking away all of your home’s personality. As Samuel L Jackson once said, personality goes a long way and that is incredibly poignant when it comes to houses. Prospective buyers want to see a home that they can picture their family in, even if it is not their style. Remember that they can always stamp their authority on the house when you have gone, so there is no need to strip it bare. Homes for sale are far more valuable with a touch of personality and character.


Freshen Up

Don’t spend money that you don’t have to because you need to make cash from the resale. But, you can freshen up your home without splashing the cash. Just buy a few tins of paint and splash the colour instead! You don’t have to change the style or the colour, but you do want to change the tone. Over time, the tone of the house can start to deteriorate as paint and decorations get ragged with age. A lick of paint will give your home a new lease of life and might only cost a few dollars.


Think Of The Price

You will never get the asking price. Or, you will hardly ever get the asking price because it is more of a guide. So, if you can be flexible with the price, be flexible. Houses can stay on the market for years all because the price is too high. Crunch the numbers and see how much you can afford to lower the price by for a quicker sale.


All it takes is a bit of know-how and a small amount of effort. But, in the end it could make all the difference.


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