How to Buy High-Quality Jewellery The Complete Guide

Buying high-end jewellery can seem like a daunting process. We are here to tell you that you can buy high-quality jewellery without any hassle as long as you know what to look for.

If you’re a collector or looking to add a new piece to your collection, keep reading our tips below on how to buy jewellery. 

1. When It Comes to Gems, Make Sure They Aren’t Oiled

Most people don’t know this, but most of the time they buy an expensive gemstone it has been either oiled or heated to appear flawless. Gems are heated or oiled to get rid of impurities within the stone, such as cracks. The first lesson on how to buy jewellery is to know what you’re buying. 

If you buy a gem that isn’t oiled or heated, it can be up to 20 times more valuable than one that is. The best way to find out what your buying is to ask the seller directly or even bring the designer jewelry to an expert.

2. Sometimes It’s Better To Skip the Name Brand Store

Everyone loves having jewellery from top designers and name brands, but sometimes it isn’t worth it. Yes, these designers and stores have high-quality jewellery, but sometimes the prices are way too steep for what you’re actually buying.

Since their jewellers pay for expensive storefronts, ad campaigns, and red carpet appearances, you will be paying into that too – in the price of your jewellery. The best thing is to buy second hand or to support a local jeweller that can make you the best quality item for your money.

3. Certificates of Authenticity 

Whenever you buy a piece of luxury jewellery make sure you’re getting a certificate of authenticity with it. You will also want to make sure it’s current, ideally getting a new one every 5 years. This will help you prove that the gem is authentic in case you want it valued or try to resell it in a few years.

If you’re buying second hand or from a name brand store, ask to see the certificate before you make the purchase. If the paperwork is 10 years old pass on the piece because it may not be authentic or the value may have dropped drastically. 

4. Have Some Knowledge

Before you go shopping, do your research. The top tip we can give you is to have a little background in jewellery so you can buy the best piece for the best price and not get scammed. 

If learning this doesn’t sound appealing, hire a trusted professional. If money is an issue see if any friends are well versed in the jewellery world or take it to a local jeweller. 

Now You Know How To Buy Jewellery

We have provided you with the four most important tips on how to buy jewellery. Now you know to look at a certificate of authenticity before buying and which gems are truly priceless. 

For more tips on style and jewellery be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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