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How to Create a Makeup Routine on a Budget | Tips

You may think that you need to use a variety of expensive products to create a makeup routine. In fact, you can create one on a budget. Using the right techniques is just as important as the products you use. Sticking to a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on quality either when buying products. There are plenty of drugstore products that do as good a job as more expensive products. Quality is not necessarily defined by price or brand name. 

Enhance your eyes with eyelash extensions

Eye makeup is usually top of the list for many women. They often spend a great deal on eye makeup products, including eye shadow, mascara, fake eyelashes, etc. It may be more cost-effective to try out eyelash extensions which can enhance the eyes and offer a stunningly natural look. 

Lilac St., Vavalash, Huda, and Sweed offer the best eyelash extensions. Once you know how long lash extensions last and head to shop online, go for only the best. Eyelash extensions attach to your natural eyelashes so when you shed an eyelash, you will shed an extension. Various tips on how to care for them to make them last longer include avoiding oily skincare products or makeup removers around the eyes. 

Opt for multi-purpose products

There are so many products available it makes choices confusing but you should look for products that can do more than one job. For example, you can choose a foundation with skincare benefits. A foundation with hyaluronic acid makes the skin feel hydrated and one that includes an SPF offers protection from the sun. 

Some products, such as lipsticks, can be used on the cheeks as a blush or even as an eye shadow. It is possible to use a highly pigmented kohl liner for a number of different purposes. You can use it on your upper eyelids to create a wing eyeliner look or create a smokey eye by smudging it a little. 

Use products in the right order

If you don’t regularly clean, tone, and moisturise your skin, you won’t have the right base on which to apply your makeup. Your makeup has to work much harder when you don’t have a regular skincare routine. 

Before you use foundation, apply a primer so that when you use foundation, you need very little. A primer is essential because it minimises pores and prepares your face for makeup. 

Before using a concealer, applying foundation will minimise any redness or discoloration so you need to use less concealer to cover dark circles or blemishes. The same applies to your lips. Exfoliating them first with a gentle lip scrub to buff away any dry skin and applying a lip primer leaves you with a smooth surface so the lipstick doesn’t flake off and you don’t need to keep applying it. 

You don’t need to define your brows too much

On some days when you don’t have time to do your brows, combing them with a spoolie brush may be enough. Even when you do have time for powders, pencils, and gels, prepping your brows with a spoolie brush makes sure the hairs aren’t going wild. You can buy spoolie brushes cheaply, which is a good thing because they have so many uses when applying makeup. With a brow pencil, you can draw fine hairs for a soft look that feels fresher than when your brows are too solid. An eyebrow gel offers more precision to your look and helps it to last. 

Don’t skip the blush

Blush is a product that you really need in your budget makeup kit. You need to find a shade that suits your skin tone and a blush palette with two or three shades is a worthwhile purchase. You will use blush differently depending on your makeup look, the weather, and your mood. Smile and apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. 

Have a kit of brushes for different uses

It is very useful to have a kit of brushes for different uses. Buy a kit with small brushes to blend, thin brushes for details, and thicker, fluffy brushes to apply powders. Using the wrong brushes to apply products can give a poor result and you may use more products. For example, applying blush requires a fluffy yet dense brush.