WSS Travel: Romantic Holiday Destinations for Your Next Getaway


A romantic holiday destination could be right under your nose, yet you have no idea. What is home to you might be considered a vacation spot to someone else and vice versa. In other words, a romantic getaway is what you make of it… to a point, of course. Below are three potential holiday destinations worthy of consideration for your next romantic getaway.

Lord Howe Island


If you and your significant other love nature, Lord Howe Island could easily provide you with the romantic holiday of a lifetime. Located off the east coast of Australia and nestled by sparkling waters and colourful reefs, this destination sets hearts alight many, many times every week. The seclusion and relaxation here lend themselves to a blissful series of days and nights together. You won’t go lacking for first class facilities either, thanks to the top quality Lord Howe Island accommodation options available, including the Pinetrees Lodge. This island is certainly one of Australia’s greatest treasures and is sure to create some treasured memories for you and your partner too.

Castaway Island


This exotic Fiji resort has some of the clearest waters and whitest beaches you’ll ever see. To put it simply, it is paradise. Part of the Mamanuca islands, this little patch of heaven is hidden by tropical rainforests and made rich by its colourful reefs and beautiful summer weather. Castaway Island has a great range of accommodation, taking into account who you’re travelling with and why (family trip, honeymoon, etc.). While there are plenty of activities in store, simply being there will inspire romance, so there’s never any need to go out of your way on that front.



For the city escapists, Japan’s ancient city of Kyoto is guaranteed to amaze anyone who visits, if only for its impressive history, its beautiful architecture and – of course – its delicious food. Apart from the obvious attractions, such as the two thousands shrines and temples it comprises, Kyoto is culturally in tune, as evidenced by its heritage sites, museums, sports, and festivals that take place all year round. This part of the world is for the curious and open-minded, both young and old.

Now that you have a better idea of potential locations for your next romantic retreat, you can rest knowing that they are not too hard to find. This is not to say that any location can be romantic but, essentially, it comes down to what you make of it. If you’re stuck in the snow, consider going on a skiing date, and if it’s too windy to go out, have a home-cooked meal. Romantic holiday spots don’t have to be on the other side of the world; you and your partner simply have to be there together.

Have you encountered a place in the world that lends itself to romantic getaways? One that people may not already be aware of? Everyone knows the cliché spots like Paris and Rome but, if you’ve found a great lesser known spot, share your secret and help other couples enjoy a wonderful escape.

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