How to Create a Viral Food Video

When you were in school, possibly the one thing you wanted to be when you grew up was to become a famous YouTuber. Now you can, with one simple step: create a viral food video.

Food videos are enticing, addictive, and fun to watch and share. But perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that surely, it’s very hard to make high-quality food videos, right? Well, you’re right! It is very hard.

But keep reading because with this guide, creating a viral food video will be as easy as baking cookies!

Get the Lighting Right

When creating a viral food video, getting the lighting right is a key element for success. A few helpful tips for this task include setting up your lighting in a triangular shape around the food (known as 3-point lighting).

This allows the food to be lit up evenly from the front, the side, and the back. This will make your food look the most appetising. If you are filming outdoors, make sure you face the food in the direction of the sunlight.  

Edit in a Different App

It allows you to customise the video’s features to make it look professional and distinctive. To start, create the initial video with the app of your choice. Choose different components, such as the background music, text, or voice-over, and upload your own video clips and images.

With a few simple steps, you can make a truly unique and memorable food video that can spread quickly. Lastly, be sure to share your masterpiece on social media marketing, and your viral food video is all set to go!

Keep It Short

The first thing to consider when creating a short, viral food video is to keep it short. Think of it more as a commercial rather than a long-form film. Aim for no longer than one minute and try to keep it under thirty seconds if possible.

The look of the video should be light, bright, and inviting to draw viewers in and keep them engaged. It should also be filmed in a well-lit area, as natural lighting is key to achieving a professional, appetising look. 

Film From Different Angles

First, the number, content, and duration of shots need to be determined. Depending on the food company being filmed, various angles may be chosen, such as a close-up of the food being seasoned, a wide-angle shot of the food being cooked, and an overhead shot of the plating process.

Filming should also be done with different camera types and settings to explore the different possibilities. Once the shots are captured, they need to be edited to create the best narrative and flow. 

Utilise Marketing Automation

Utilising marketing automation is key to creating a viral food video. This strategy allows users to plan and automate the way content is created, distributed, and tracked across all connected platforms.

By using marketing automation tools like setting up a daily post schedule, creating a hashtag campaign, and utilising hashtag tracking and analytics to measure engagement, businesses can maximise their reach and track their ROI.

Combining marketing automation and viral food video content helps businesses to gain new customers and reach their target audiences more reliably and efficiently.

Learn More About How to Create a Food Video

Creating a viral food video doesn’t have to be difficult. Utilise the tips discussed in this article to make your food video stand out. Understand how to engage an audience, create a story, find good lighting, compose an attractive shot, and choose the right music. 

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