Organisation Tips That You Cant Miss

It’s tough to make your house look neat and clean all the time. You may want a neater-looking house, but you may not be sure how to accomplish that. We are here to help! We have a list of the very best organisation tips that are often overlooked, and these can make the difference in how tidy your home looks all the time.  

Create Donation Bags 

We probably all have clothes and other items we don’t ever use anymore and that we know we can’t really give to family members for various reasons. If they are still usable, you can do something with them, like taking them to a second-hand shop or charity. Never, ever put usable clothing in the trash. Not only is it wasteful and others can use the items but you aren’t adding to landfill.

You can create donation bags in your wardrobe. Then, whenever you come across something that you want to donate, you can just add it to the bags. You can have a few of these scattered around the house, and if you have multiple storeys in your home, we suggest at least one bag for each level. That ensures that you will make it easy on yourself, by putting these items where they go when it is time to get rid of them.  

Twist Tie Those Cords 

Cords are an inescapable part of our lives, and whether those cords belong to earphones, lamps, video game consoles or controllers, you will want to wrangle them under control in order to have a neater house. Using a simple twist tie, you can wrap up the cord and make your home so much tidier. This is especially important for the gaming or entertainment areas of the house, where cords can easily get out of hand.  You can even colour-coordinate your twist ties for a more uniform look.  If you want your twist ties to go unnoticed, then simply buy black or white ties that blend in with the cords.  

Include the Whole Family 

If you are doing all the cleaning yourself, then you are probably going to be overburdened. The more people there are in your family, the more impossible it becomes for you to do all the cleaning on your own. Mark, a calgary house cleaner, says “Assign chores for your kids and keep them involved in cleaning every day”. Even if they have a lot going on, they should still have a few minutes each day to do some basic chores. As they take on responsibility for chores that belong to them, you can start adding more and get them to help out with keeping the whole house clean.  

File Paperwork 

People tend to pile their paperwork in a stack, but there is a better way. You can simply buy a small filing box (or a filing cabinet, if you have a lot of paperwork you want to keep). Organise your papers in as many boxes as you need, and then store those boxes, as necessary, to keep the house from filling up with these boxes. You can label the outside of the boxes or the outside of filing cabinet drawers for easier access to your papers. This may seem like more work at first, but once you have everything sorted out, it will make it so much easier to keep everything in its place and make sure there are no stacks of paper in your house.  

Clean as You Go 

There is no better way to keep your house clean once you make it look nice than to clean as you go through the house. This means that if you are going to the kitchen for a snack and you see some trash on the floor, you pick it up instead of waiting until later. If you are going to the living room to watch some television and see the couch cushions out of place, you pick them up then and there. This saves you time later and spreads out your cleaning throughout the day so that you don’t have so much to do at once in the evening when most people clean.  

If you are looking to be very effective with this cleaning method, then you need to get your entire family on board with the method. Mark says “Remind them to clean as they go and call them out when they don’t follow this rule”. In time, they will catch on and help you clean up too, leaving everyone with a cleaner house all the time, especially a cleaner shared bathroom. By not waiting until the end of the day to clean everything, you will have a house that is far more inviting and pleasant, and you’ll end up with fewer tripping hazards, spills and other messes.  

Be Aware of What You Are Doing 

One thing that leads to bigger messes and more for you to clean up later is carelessness and forgetfulness. If you come into the house with purchases, then you should put them away before you go and do anything else. If you are doing a craft, be sure you clean up after yourself, before you move on to the next thing. If you are done watching television, then fluff the cushions and put everything back where it goes before you move on to another room. By staying conscious of your actions and how they have an effect on the cleanliness of the home, you are keeping a clean scene and giving yourself less work to do in the long run. You’ll also make the house a much more pleasant place to live. 

Those were our top choices, and you may have some of your own to add to the list. If you put these into practice, though,  you can make a huge impact on how organised your home looks from moment to moment.  Once you get everyone in your family on board with you, then your workload is going to be cut considerably, and that’s worth the initial extra effort it takes.  


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