How to Hydrate Your Skin: The Top Tips to Know

Unless you’re a reptile, scaly skin is not a great look. Yet, unfortunately for many of us, the battle with dry, flaky, scaly skin can seem never ending.

Dry skin isn’t just unsightly, either. It can actually increase the risk of infection from viruses, bacteria, and even fungi.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and one of its main weapons of defence against environmental aggressors. To keep it (and yourself) healthy, hydrating the skin is important. 

Wondering how to hydrate your skin? With the right routine, you can banish the scales and enjoy a healthy, glowing complexion. Read on to learn the best tips for hydrating your skin.

Look for Water-Attracting Ingredients

Even the thickest, richest creams might not be enough to keep your skin hydrated. This is because many of them get quickly absorbed by your skin or even evaporate, leaving the surface dry soon after application.

If you’re wondering how to hydrate your skin, look for ingredients that draw in water and keep it close to the skin.

One of the best ingredients for this purpose is hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Many products with this ingredient are formulated to hydrate the skin and hold that moisture in.

Choose All-Natural Skincare Ingredients

A lot of commercial skincare products contain synthetic ingredients that can actually dry out your skin. If you’re looking for the best way to hydrate skin, then it’s best to know what to look for (and what to avoid).

If you’re wondering where to buy eminence and other all-natural skincare products, check out your local health food stores. Or, as always, the internet is always a great option too.

Avoid Harsh Exfoliants

While they might leave your skin feeling temporarily smooth, rough exfoliating scrubs can upset the natural moisture balance of your skin. As a result, it could end up extremely oily or very dry. 

The culprits are the physical exfoliants: the scrubs that use fine, gritty particles, or even a roughly-textured washcloth you use on your face. These can create tiny cuts, upsetting the balance of oils on your skin.

If you’re wondering how to hydrate your skin while still keeping it smooth, look for chemical exfoliants. Rather than scrubbing the delicate surface of your skin, these will use enzymes or acids to gently eliminate dead skin. As a result, you’ll have smooth, glowing skin without all the damage and dryness.

Apply Moisturiser While Skin Is Still Wet

Right after you wash your face, it’s important to immediately apply your moisturiser. Doing this before your skin dries will lock in hydration and help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

The best method for how to hydrate your skin is this: while your skin is still damp, apply your moisturising product by lightly pressing it into your skin. If your skin is too dry following a cleanse, prime it first with a hydrating facial mist.

Choose a Hydrating Serum

In addition to your regular moisturiser, following up with serum is a very effective way to keep skin hydrated. This is because serums are designed to penetrate the skin and keep it moisturised.

For added hydration, you can also follow up with a hydrating facial oil, such as marula oil or rosehip oil.  

Use Additional Treatments When Skin Is Extra Dry

On top of your regular routine for hydrating your skin, you should add in some extra backup treatments when your skin is especially dry. One really effective method is taking a moisturising skin mask and placing over your normal serums and creams. By adding the extra product on top, you’ll be sealing in the moisturising ingredients from your regular skincare products.

Avoid Drying Ingredients

Many clarifying ingredients that are designed for oily skin can wreak havoc when your skin is dry. If you’re wondering how to hydrate your skin, it’s best to avoid these ingredients altogether.

Here are some drying ingredients to avoid in skincare products:

  • Alcohol
  • Fragrance
  • Tea tree oil
  • Salicylic acid
  • Charcoal
  • Benzoyl Peroxide

While these ingredients can rescue skin in cases of severe oiliness and breakouts, they tend to be very drying. Be sure you’re only applying these as needed. If you’re not oily or acne-prone, then you don’t need them at all.

How to Hydrate Your Skin: Hydrate Yourself

The best way to hydrate your skin doesn’t come from an external cream or any other kind of skincare product. If you’re wondering how to hydrate your skin, the best methods start from the inside out.

By drinking lots of water throughout the day, you’re not only keeping your body functioning, but you’re also doing amazing things for your skin, too. Healthy skin comes from a healthy body, and hydration is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

If you get bored with the taste of water, try infusing different fruits into your water bottle. As an added bonus, you’ll be getting extra vitamins and minerals in as well. You can also try herbal teas to switch up the taste of your hydration.

You can even stay hydrated by eating foods with high water content, such as peaches, watermelon, cucumbers, celery, and lettuce.

Additionally, you should avoid foods and drinks that can dehydrate your body, such as coffee, soft drinks, sugar, and alcohol. 

Up Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Depending on where you live as well as the time of year, the air can be very drying on your skin. When you can, it’s a good idea to supplement the moisture in the air with a good humidifier. Plus, it will make it easier to breathe, too.

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

Nobody likes dealing with scaly, dry, flaky skin. Even if you feel like you’ve been cursed with dryness, anyone can have skin that looks hydrated and radiant. Now that you know how to hydrate your skin, you’ll be banishing the scales for good.

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