How to Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever

One of the best ways to stay sustainable is to prolong the life cycle of your clothes. This way you will be buying less items and more importantly throwing away less clothes. Some estimate that annually more than a hundred million dollars worth of garments are left to rot in landfills. Thus, it has never been as imperative to keep your favourite clothes looking their best as long as possible. Here are some tips which will help you extend the life of your beloved garments. 

Stain removal pens are a lifesaver

How many pieces of clothing have you thrown away because of a stubborn stain? Have you ever found yourself already mourning the item the moment you get that drop of curry sauce on it? We’ve got you covered. With a stain removal pen always by your side, you’ll start the cleaning process the second the stain happens. Just make sure to carefully read the instructions and wash the clothing item when you get the chance. These pens are the first line of defence against the stains which make you throw the piece away.

Care labels are there for a reason

It’s no secret that different materials require different care, making it key to pay attention to the care labels sewn on the clothing. For example, if you have to clean a woollen jumper, make sure that the water temperature is on low and that you use a specialised detergent. If the care label states that the item is dry clean only, make sure to follow the guidelines. 

Make sure to zip and button up

Clothes that have closed buttons or zippers are less likely to catch on other materials or even snap off during the wash cycle. There is nothing worse than finding clothing tangled up in one another. In addition to making your clothes last longer, turning them inside out once you’ve buttoned them up can also help. This will keep the outside of the clothing looking best while also keeping the colour from fading.

Air-dry the clothes

When you bring your clean clothes in from the washing line, the freshness truly cannot be compared with any other drying method. To top it all off, air drying is healthier for your clothing and the environment than tumble drying, which will also up your energy bill and may also harm certain materials making your clothes not last as long. Dry your clothing outdoors on a washing line or drying rack or even hang them on a hanger to dry naturally. Remember to read the care labels on your clothes, as certain items, such as woollen sweaters, may dry faster if laid flat.

Sort your laundry

One of the worst things you can do for your items is to chuck them all together into the washing machine. This is why it’s so important to sort the pieces of clothing before washing them. Also, some dark-coloured items may leak colour onto your lighter pieces, staining them forever. So, when you sort the laundry, make sure to separate dark and light or white garments. Additionally, despite the colour, check whether all the pieces should be washed at the same water temperature.

Store your clothes properly

Proper methods of storage can infinitely increase the longevity of your clothes. For example, heavy woollen sweaters should never be hung on clothing racks since they can be easily damaged that way. Also, make sure to keep all of your items in a cold place, far away from direct sunlight and heat. If you notice some moth holes in your closet, purchase some lavender bags to naturally take care of the infestation. 

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