How to prepare for a home renovation

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By Robert Barlow

Home renovations seem hard, you have to clear out your stuff, find and call in your renovator and uproot your life to get out of the way of the renovators. You know of course that once the renovation is finished it will be well worth it but right now it’s just a massive pain. A few simple pieces of advice will take the renovation experience from a worthwhile pain to a small irritation you can easily take care of.


The first thing you need to do is figure out in advance exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Renovator’s jobs are so much easier if you aren’t underfoot and the contractors aren’t stumbling over junk. You need to be aware of where you need to be, what you need to be doing, what areas you need to avoid and if there are any times you need to be out of the house. Uninterrupted work is fast work.

Keep it safe and reasonable

Have the structural security of the house checked and thoroughly examined. Make sure you can support both the results and the work of renovating the place. If you have kids find a way to keep them out of the construction site and have the money to support the overspill of time and money beyond the projected budget and schedule, because it will happen, this is certain. These are big jobs and you need to keep them cheap and safe if possible.

What needs to move?

As I said if things are going to get done quickly you’re going to need to get out of their way. Which means in any area that’s going to be renovated you need to load up as much of your stuff as humanly possible and move it out of the general area. If you don’t have anywhere in the house to keep it, it’s a good idea to shift things to Fort Knox Brisbane. The storage units there can take care of you for the length of your renovation. Faster and faster.

Be clear concise and specific

The dream can often be very different from the reality and it’s reasonable to assume that someone you hired to know what you want but people aren’t psychic, they won’t know what you want without information. To that end, you need details, exactly what colour do you want? Exactly where do you want everything? It may even be worth the time to obtain the services of an artist to draw out what you want where, to give a physical guide for your renovators and obtain colour swatches and design examples to make the vision exactly clear.

Renovations aren’t difficult to handle, they’re time consuming and annoying and sometimes they can seriously cost, but they aren’t in and of themselves hard to deal with. Use these tips, be simple and don’t shoot beyond what’s reasonable and you can handle things.

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