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Ok, I am 5’10 (178cm) and a size 16, which is classed as an “inbetweenie”. An “inbetweenie” is a woman who can shop at regular stores and at plus size stores. Although we have a greater range of clothing to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find flattering, and stylish, clothing that actually fits or have a good length. Unfortunately, a lot of plus size clothing stores seem to think that if you are plus sized, then you must be short. Other stores seem to think that if you are tall, it also means you are skinny. Not so shops, not so!

I also have an hourglass figure with slim legs, so most jeans and pants don’t fit properly. I mainly buy jeans from three stores; Dream Diva, Trenery and Sussan and when I find jeans that fit, I will buy a few pairs, as I wear jeans most of the time.

I am regularly asked by tall friends how to style outfits and where they can buy clothing that fit, so here are my tips for tall, curvy girl styling.

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Jeans, pants and maxi skirts/ dresses are never long enough, usually falling above the ankle and not below it.

Pants waist bands either sit on the widest part of the hips, creating a muffin top and butt cleavage or leaving a gap at the back.

Dress waistbands tend to sit under the bust instead of at the waist. This also applies to jumpsuits.

One piece swimsuits or body shirts. Ummm just no… we end up with 90’s high cut leg holes and front wedgie or the neckline somewhere under our boobs, as there isn’t enough material to cover the whole length of our torsos.


Tall ladies can pull off the wide leg pants look quite easily, without looking short and frumpy AND we can wear them with flats! Which is fantastic with boot cut and flared leg coming back in a huge way this season.

Legs looks amazing in pencil and midi skirts.

I have bought Peter Alexander night shirts to wear with pants as they are short enough on me to look like a longline tshirt. This also ends the problem of shorter tops bunching up during the night and exposing your back and kidneys.

Over the knee boots actually work as knee high boots. Yay!

We can buy men’s clothing (trackpants, jeans, shirts etc) and save money. Men’s clothing is always cheaper than the equivalent women’s item. Men’s shirts look fantastic on

Men’s shirts look fantastic on us and as they are designed for broader chests and actually button up over ample busts! They are a perfect length too.

What to wear:

Shift or “body con” dresses are the most flattering fit of dress on tall and curvy women. Kaftans and loose maxi dresses tend to make one look pregnant (believe me, I have been asked this before!).  I tend to stick with dresses that skim the body and highlight my waist.

Midi and pencil skirts are the most flattering skirts a tall, curvy lady can wear. The slim line shows off the waist and legs but skims the booty giving a sexy silhouette effect.

If you shy away from wide-legged pants or broad-shouldered jackets because you’re afraid that menswear will make you look, well, like a man, it’s time to revisit your thinking. If a runway model can pull off the look, then surely you can too. Both items will balance out any curves you have.   To avoid looking “big,” just make sure you only wear one oversized item at a time. For a pulled-together look, wear wide-legged pants with a fitted top, or pair an oversized jacket with skinny jeans or slim pants. We love boyfriend jackets teamed with skinny jeans.

Fitted tunics or long line tees and tanks are fantastic under jackets, cardigans and great an elongating effect. They are also great at hiding tummies but highlight your waist.

Jackets: always buy jackets that fall to the hip bone. I swear it makes you look slimmer, as it cuts the widest part of your body in half. Jackets are best worn over longer tanks or fitted tops.

Our Top 5 tall curvy girl shopping:

City Chic

 City Chic is the number one retailer in Australia offering a unique range of dresses, tops, bottoms, active wear, intimates, accessories and swimwear, for sizes 14 to 24. We love their feminine floral and lace pieces. Gorgeous day dresses and to die for after five/ formal wear are key items in City Chic’s range. Having said that, City chic offer fantastic casual wear with jeans to fit every curvy girl and flattering tees you will love.



Harlow’s range of tops are amazing! I have 5 of the hi low tops and two shirts and they have been in high rotation in my wardrobe for a few years now. Fantastic on their own or under jackets (which is what I usually wear them with), the Harlow top gives enough coverage to the “lumpy” bits while creating a flattering outline (as pictured below in the far right outfit). Harlow’s jeans are also flattering and made for the tall curvy girl in mind.

harlow collection

17 Sundays

17 Sundays are well known for their on trend, comfortable, casual range especially their jogger pants (in which there are seven different styles of). 17 Sundays also have cute tops and beautiful knits.

17 Sundays

Embody Denim

Embody Denim are well known for their flattering jeans for curvy women but did you also know they have gorgeous dresses and jackets? Embody Denims dresses are made with the curvy girl in mind and provide a flattering fit that skims over the body (as seen in the middle outfit below).  Embody Denim

Love Your Wardrobe

Love Your Wardrobe creates stunning pieces that are expressive, flattering and contemporary. Love Your Wardrobe offers on-trend clothing that complements the curvy, real woman using great fits, flattering fabrics and current designs. The range is affordable without compromising on style and quality.


Honourable mentions go to:

Sussan– Sussan’s sizing ranges up to a size 18. Their lengths on pants, jeans, dresses, tops and knits are perfect for tall curvy girls.

Next– Next have a wonderful range of work wear and smart casual wear in tall and regular fits. Beautiful classic pieces that will last many years.

Dorothy Perkins– We love Dorothy Perkins beautiful feminine range. They also have a ‘tall’ collection of their most popular pieces.

Trenery– Trenery has the 30+, curvy, tall lady covered with stretch, longer leg length jeans. Trenery’s tops, jackets, knitwear and dresses are longer length, incredibly flattering and stylish.

Where do you like to shop? What issues do you have with buying clothing?

10 thoughts on “WSS Style: Tall, Curvy Girl Styling

  1. Hi Kellie, I also face the same problem of choosing right fitted clothes. You just made it so easy. I will surely try your suggestions.I love your dressing sense and styling tips. They really help me a lot. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog.

  2. I have such a big problem with jeans and trousers in general because my thighs are too wide, so if I buy a pair of jeans that fit my thighs they are sooo loose on my hips. And I also deal with short trousers issue. Always looking like I’m going fishing or something.

  3. I’m 6″-2″; I have big hips, skinny legs, and now that I’m over 60, my flat stomach and smaller waist are failing me. I’m thicker through the middle than I used to be 🙁 What do I wear in hot weather?

    1. Hi Jane,

      I have never had a flat stomach or smaller waist (never smaller than a 32″, even at my smallest weight). At my largest (now), I have a balanced proportions of 44-34-44 (and at six feet, that is a might large person to most people).

      My best recommendation in hot weather is a wrap dress. You can get them in cotton or in other lightweight materials, and solids/prints. The wrap dress is my go-to look for work, meeting with friends/family, and casual daily activities. For more professional or evenings-out, I like a pencil skirt with a nice blouse tucked in or a boat neck/v cut dress to pull attention to my face.

      I always go up at least one size in a pencil skirt so that it doesn’t create a ‘muffin’ top look and I am comfortable even after a large dinner (especially if I wear it with stockings, which always squish me anyway, and make me fidgety). Whatever you do, don’t hide your waist! Even if it is not as tiny as it once was, highlighting the waist will always help us tall women look more balanced and put together, I think.

  4. Tall and a size 22/24 here, I so get this. I love a shorter length dress sometimes, but I basically have to buy a midi length so it’s not showing off what my Mumma gave me. Haha. Love the brands you mentioned too. So good!

  5. One of my fav places to get jeans is from American Eagle, if you buy online you can get them in longs and extra longs. they also have super high waisted/ “sky high” waisted jeans that actually fit around my hips and still fit my waist. They are a bit pricey but honestly so worth it

  6. When my BMI is 18, I am already a size 12 tall. At BMI of 25 it is 14 tall. At 28, where it is TODAY, I am 16 Tall, but with menopause belly, long torso, DD breasts, and major problems wearing bras as they damaged my shoulders and neck over the years due to lack of long enough straps for a tall girl. I also have size 12 feet. I have never in my life been able to try on a pair of shoes or clothing in a REAL store. I go to Lane Bryant and everything looks like a short bag. I am old, tall, overweight, long torso, big breasted and long footed. I am grateful to find this blog and I hope beyond all reason that I may someday find an item of clothing that fits me. Wish me luck <3 Bless you.

    1. Hi Nora, I have a very similar body type, I think. I am 6 feet tall and wear an 11.5 in shoes. In my early 20’s, I weighed 160 pounds and everyone told me I was anorexic because my bones stuck out everywhere. I wore a size 10/12 and had B cup breasts. My waist was still 32 inches.

      In my late 20’s, my bones shifted around and I gained 15 pounds. At 165, I had large hips, C cup breasts, and wore a size 12. Bigger hips and breasts, but the same size waist.

      Now, I am in my mid-30’s, with a 34F breast, and wear a size 12/14 at 185 pounds thanks to some autoimmune issues I have been working on treating for three years.

      It is so frustrating. I am either a ‘big woman’ (I have had children stare at me and ask their mom “what type of person I am since I am so much bigger in every way than their mother, but not fat like nana”. I kindly explain I am a giant) or I am tiny and considered ‘petite’ am told to eat a burger by complete strangers, and my family tell me I would look prettier with some ‘meat’ on my bones. Can’t win and with only a four size fluctuation, I am either huge or tiny. I have longed to be the average 5’5″ 125 pound woman for all of my life.

      Anyway, my point in responding (besides commiserating), is to tell you about my two favorite places to buy clothes.

      I believe this store is closing soon (so sad), but I have had great luck with ordering from them. and I also really like this site ( because you can tell them your measurements and they will customize the size for you for a small fee (and you can still send it back for a full refund if you don’t like it).

      I remember how difficult it was to find clothing growing up and in my 20’s (pre-online shopping), but have found some nice resources online in the past decade or so, even though I prefer to shop in malls/stores. Unfortunately, nothing I buy in a store looks very professional or tailored on me, so online is where I tend to go.

      I wish you luck!

  7. I am struggling so much to find high waisted underwear that actually sits on my waist! Being tall with a long torso and hips doesn’t seem to register for any brand. Bonds Cottontails are the only thing I’ve found that has a high enough rise but apparently they are being discontinued (and are white thick so not great for Aussie summer).

    I haven’t been able to find anyone else talking about this – is this an issue for others?

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