How to Transform Your Bathroom by Increasing Storage Space

Generally, the bathrooms are probably the smallest spaces in the entire house, regardless of the number of materials we store in them. However, one of the key aspects of bathroom renovations these days is increasing its storage space to accommodate all our day-to-day essentials without adding to the physical area. In this post, we are going to discuss some clever hacks to achieve that goal.

It’s unwise to move out of your current home because of a tiny bathroom that fails to meet your storing needs. You can always work on the available space with the help of professionals and increase its functionality. Wondering how you’re going to do that? Keep scrolling!

Install readymade storage units

You will get them in various sizes, designs, styles, and finishes, single or assembled, in the market. You can also get one custom-made to fit your exact needs. These storage units will utilise the available space on the walls of your bathroom, thus reducing the load on cabinets and racks. Further, you can also store personal items away from common sight in these storage units.

Replace your tub for a walk-in shower

If your bathroom is small, you should get rid of that extravagant bathtub as soon as possible.
Jeff Roberts of Trifection Remodeling & Construction says that most bathrooms in older homes don’t make good use of their space or provide you with enough storage. So replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower, which is not only trendy but will also save a lot of space in your bathroom. 

Install wall cabinets between studs

In a small bathroom, the cabinets take up a lot of space unnecessarily. You can ask the renovator to create a cavity in the wall and install cabinets between the studs to increase storage efficiency. You can keep your personal items in these wall cabinets and hide them from common sight. 

Get customized mirror shelves

Mirror shelves are extremely useful in increasing the storage space in a bathroom. While closed, they function as a full-length mirror and when open, they the perfect place to store cleaning supplies, medicines, extra towels, toilet paper, and the list goes on. The size of the shelf will solely depend on the available wall space in your bathroom, and its best to get it customised accordingly.

Utilize the space below the sink

Seem inappropriate? You have no idea how the small space under the sink can be utilised for storing extra items like toilet paper rolls, cleaners, bathroom accessories and more. Talk to the remodeler about custom-made closed cabinets under the sink, and they will make your ideas come to life. 

Fit towel hangers on the back of the door

Wondering where to keep your dry towels in the bathroom? Fix customised towel hangers on the back of your door, away from the water’s reach, to keep them dry at all times. You can also design the back of your door to make it look attractive and less awkward because of the hanging towels. 

Wrapping it up

From utilising the space above the toilet to installing wall files and basket shelves, there’s no dearth of ideas to increase the storage space in your bathroom. Jot down your ideas and consult experts to make the most of your small bathroom without increasing the clutter. 

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