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How to Upgrade Your Home Office on a Budget

The Covid-19 pandemic has had many of us working from home, a trend that is bound to be the new norm. Research has shown that many companies are expected to stick with a flexible work model even after the pandemic. It is a new norm but you can make the most out of it. Well, the reality is that working from home is and can be a great experience. You can have the freedom to make your space as inspirational as you want and create a workspace that appeals to you. To stay productive and relaxed, you can design a working space that is both fun and encouraging. Let us give you a few hacks you can try out on a budget.

Play around with plants 

For starters, you can create a healthier working environment by bringing your home office to life. Plants bring an ambiance and a relaxed mood to the house. So what exactly do plants do? Experts have found that plants:

  • Reduce toxins in the air, thus making it clearer 
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Are crucial in enhancing creativity 
  • Increase overall wellbeing; and 
  • Increase productivity and cognition 

In other words, going green in your home office will come with an array of benefits to your mental health, mood, and productivity. There are many options; you can pick your indoor plants from a variety, including peace lily, spider plants, and golden pothos. 

Tip: Ensure to keep the potting soil moist and place your plant near a light source to give it a good life, too! 

Invest in an ergonomic office chair 

Again, your health is an essential factor to watch out as you work from home. You need to ensure that you sit comfortably while working for long hours. One way to do so is to get a comfortable ergonomic chair designed to offer maximum lumbar support. According to an ergonomics study, employees who were given an ergonomic chair reported fewer negative symptoms throughout the day. In fact, it was found that their productivity rose by 17.7%. So, make sure you boost your comfort and productivity in the home office. 

Get artsy and decorate your office. 

All of us have our preferences when it comes to decorations. Maybe it is the color that excites you or certain shapes. Get to determine the kind of decorations that will set a relaxed yet motivating mood in your office. You can decorate your home office with images that speak directly to your soul. These could be your family photos, wildlife photos, or even the pictures of your heroes. 

You can also consider getting some sculptures or paintings. Whatever motivates and excites you, get it and hang it on your office walls. The good thing is that you can get creative with the art you pick. You do not have to spend a lot on elevating your mood.

Keep it cool

Studies have also shown that an overheated workplace could severely affect productivity. Don’t waste your time trying to stay cool. Depending on where you stay, things might get even worse if you avoid your office when the sun is up. One simple solution is to invest in a ceiling fan to help keep your office temperature in check. 

Better even, go for a fan that accentuates the look of your home office! Why not go for a fan that adds to the style of your home office? Yes, check out the best brand of ceiling fans in the US, UK, Australia, etc; depending on where you are. You can check out luxury ceiling fans Australia collection for elegant and handcrafted designs. You will get a nice mix of style and a room with the right energy needed to concentrate on your work. This will definitely increase your productivity! 

Invest in quality speakers 

As the adage goes, music is the food for the soul. Besides, it can be your companion at all times. When you are working, it is clear that you do not want kids running around and giving you unsolicited company. It does not matter how much you want to be with them. But at some point, you will need to focus on your work to just stay productive. The good thing is that the right music can be your best companion during working hours. It can help you relax and get energized and improve your productivity. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Miami’s music therapy department, participants who listened to music while working completed their tasks with superior quality than those who worked without the sweet tunes playing in the background. Having a speaker with quality sound allows you to fill your space with your favorite music from your playlist while you work. 

So, cue up a playlist that motivates you and keeps you free from outside distractions. Buy a good office-ready speaker for a great musical experience in your home office to increase your productivity. 

Maximise access to natural light

The importance of natural light to your health cannot be overstated. Research shows that Vitamin D that comes from sunlight promotes better health in many ways, including fighting depression, anxiety, and pain. Besides, natural light will make you feel relaxed and more engaged while you work. You are more likely to stay more focused on your work and complete tasks easily. If you can, set up and allow natural light into your home office space. Here are some of the ways to do so:

  • Re-evaluate the location of your desk and work pods. Find out how you can reposition them to access more natural light. 
  • Re-situate shelves and other large objects in your home office, which are likely to block external light sources. 
  • Consider the direction of the morning and afternoon sunlight and determine how to arrange your furniture. 
  • Get transparent shears that allow maximum light into your room. 

You will feel more relaxed, enjoy improved moods and become more productive! 

Final Remarks

Working from home has become the new norm, a feat that looks to be the future of work. It is time to out invest in making your home office as comfy and elegant as you can. This does not have to be a total overhaul. You can use a few hacks and tweaks to scale up your space and experience. 

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