Incredible Accessory Ideas For Your Casual Outfit


Even when we’re dressing casually for the day, we want to look good. It’s a good idea to create complete outfits, whatever your style. Choosing the right accessories to finish off a casual outfit might offer you more opportunities to mix and match. This means you have more choice and more ways to create that unique casual style you are looking for.

Whether you’re on holiday or waiting for a bus, a watch is an essential accessory we just can’t do without. For the ultimate casual look, why not choose from the range of MVMT watches? There is a wealth of colours, designs and sizes to pick from so you can choose the one that suits your style best.

Casual looks are great when they feature some symmetry. A cuff bracelet or a couple of chunky bracelets will look great on your other wrist. The casual look often means nothing has to match. You’re after a complimentary item that meets the casual style, but perhaps has something more to offer. This could be shape, texture or colour. Opposites can often work well too.

Scarves are a great way to add flow to any outfit. For the casual look, you have even more options. You can wear it braided in your hair. Or you might prefer it to drape around your waist. Scarves are very versatile. They come in so many different colours and patterns too. Pick something in a lighter fabric for a casual look.

Hats can top off a casual look beautifully. Fedoras and caps seem to be topping the popularity charts this season. Why not try something with a wider brim, especially if you’re on holiday. Stripes in navy, have been edging back into fashion. They work great with white tops or dresses too. Wear hair down to enhance the shape of the hat.

Other costume jewellery to look out for includes long string necklaces with beads. Over the summer, there was a surge of oranges and browns, but now things are cooling off towards blues. Double them over to create extra texture and shape. Hoop earrings are on trend for a casual look but don’t go too big. 

The humble belt is the mainstay of any casual look. Use it to cinch in the waist, or even create an empire line. You can turn any oversized shirt into a dress with a chunky leather belt. 

We love the casual look, even if it takes us a while to put it together. Looking casual isn’t about throwing a few unironed clothes on in a hurry. It’s a look that is built up from several layers, and topped off with a well-chosen eclectic collection of accessories. Get your casual on today.


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