Indian Women’s Clothing is Incomplete without Lehengas

The Indian lehenga is a traditional dress for women that are very popular worldwide. Commonly women wore lehengacholi at weddings and traditional festivals. A lehenga dress is a three-piece outfit that includes a lehenga, choli, and dupatta. The handwork and attractive colours and styles make a lehenga more beautiful and stylish. As time passed, different variations and cuts included lehenga designs compared to old traditional designs. Many Indian designers are introducing the lehenga in the fashion industry worldwide, and the lehenga has become a symbol of traditional Indian clothing. Buying an Indian lehenga is not difficult nowadays. Los Mahal lehnegas offers a variety of traditional lehengas in just a few clicks.

History of lehenga:

In the 10th century, Mughals women wore lehenga stitched with heavy embroideries and rich fabrics such as silk, brocade, and kamkhawab. At that time, upper-class or royal women only wear the lehenga. As time passed, the lehenga became a must-have outfit for Indian women. Weddings are incomplete without wearing a traditional lehenga by the bride and other family women.

Rajputs women also used to wear lehenga at that time. Their lehenga outfit is slightly the same as Mughals, but Rajputs attached a white cloth with the attire, and they called it (patka). It is not denied that Mughals started the trend of the lehenga, and Rajputs added grace to the outfit.

At the start of the 20th century, all Indian women continue to wear lehenga occasionally.

Innovations according to stats and class:

By that time lehenga outfit went through many variations according to the class of women and different stats of India. The upper-class women are used to wearing high-quality fabric and heavy work lehenga. And middle-class women are used to wearing a lehenga, which is made with cotton or khaadi fabrics.

The 19th and 20th centuries were the time of different innovations in lehengas, and Other Indian states made their changes in attire according to their culture. Gujrat state embellished lehenga with patchwork and mirrorwork. In Rajasthan, they add Kundan and Gota past work in lehengas. All states made different innovations in lehnga using their cultural ideas.

Lehenga making:

A complete lehenga choli outfit takes at least one month to complete, ready with stitching and other work. Many factors are involved in completing a lehenga outfit, including fabric, handwork, embellishment, hand-woven, stitching, dyeing fabric, and other work. Most women love to wear designer lehenga that provides a perfect style and trendy look. Los Mahal lehengas are perfect for choosing all kinds of lehenga variety.

Styles of lehenga:

The dress of the lehenga has many kinds of variations and names, such as ghagra, sharara, and lacha.


Sharara is primarily worn at weddings. It is a bottom-style lower that fits till the knees and spreads wide till the bottom. It is worn with a short-length shirt and dupatta. Sharara is the most demanding outfit among Indian ladies for festive occasions.


Ghagra has lots of fabric that includes more creases than a simple lehenga, but Ghagra is a significant innovation for Rajasthan and Gujarati states. They design ghagra with beads, crystals, mirrors work, and hand embroidery.


Lacha is also similar to a lehenga, but it is worn with a long shirt to the knees. The only difference in lacha is it is paired with the long blouse.

Straight cut lehenga:

A straight-cut lehenga has a skirt-type look, and It is long and straight with minor flare. You can pare this lehenga with crop top style blouses. Straight-cut lehenga makes you look more smart and sleek.

Saree style lehenga:

The saree-style lehenga outfit looks like wearing a saree, but it is a lehenga outfit. Its dropping style dupatta gives it the look of a saree. But this lehenga is more convenient and easy to carry instead of a saree.

Fishtail lehenga:

All trendy and fashion freak women like to wear fishtail lehenga. A Mermaid lehenga gives a boost to your style. It is fitted from the upper side, and the lower part has a big flare. The fishtail lehenga makes your curves more prominent. Pair it with a short blouse and a dupatta.

Bottom line:

The Indian lehenga is a never-ending trend in women’s clothing that changes with time and new trends. Lehenga is an outfit that makes you more attractive and royal on different occasions. Los Mahal lehengas has huge variety of all kinds of lehengas. You can order from there and get a perfectly designed lehenga outfit for your next party.