Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Décor Look Expensive

Furniture, home décor, accessories, soft furnishings and appliances come in a huge range of styles, materials and designs. They also come with a vast array of price tags. You can easily decorate your home on a budget, buying cheaper and making what you can, and you can just as easily spend a small fortune getting your house just right, and it’s easy to understand how people do.

No one wants their home to look basic. They also don’t want it to look like it’s been decorated and furnished on a budget and they certainly don’t want it to look cheap. We want our décor to look tasteful, stylish and sophisticated. We want to be proud to welcome people in and eager to show off what we’ve done with our space. But, is it possible to create the expensive looking home of your dreams without breaking the bank? Of course it is!

Less is More

When you are working to a budget, it can be tempting to buy as many cheap items as you can with the money that you’ve got. Filling the space as much as possible. This isn’t the answer and often looks cheap and tacky. Instead, focus on a few key pieces. Spend what you can on the items that you need, and then keep the rest of the space minimal. This gives the room focus and makes it look premium.

Let Light in

A lighter room looks larger, feels fresher and has a much better atmosphere than a darker space. A sparsely furnished dark room can look dull and depressing. In a light room, minimalism looks cool, focused and trendy. How much do roman blinds cost? They can be a relatively cheap addition that lets in natural light and brightens up your space.

Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers are an easy, and cheap way to make a room feel fresher and more luxurious. Fresh flowers are a luxury when we’re bought flowers we feel special. It’s a treat. Buying flowers for your home works in a similar way. They make the room look more expensive and luxurious, as well as keeping it fresh and giving it a soft, floral aroma.



Most of us had posters on our walls when we were teenagers. Then, we grew out of it in search of something more grown up and sophisticated. While artwork looks great and expensive, it can be costly. Instead, buy prints and even posters and frame them. Merely adding a frame to a cheap poster or print makes it look more authentic and expensive. If your budget is even tighter, frame geometric wallpaper samples, magazine advertisements and even your kid’s drawings.

Spray Paint

If you can’t afford expensive gold frames or vases, fake it. Buy cheap, sand them down and spray them gold with a cheap can of spray paint. You can also upcycle furniture in this way to create something trendy, unique and expensive looking.

A Colour Scheme

Monochrome, with gold and stainless steel accents, often looks more classy and expensive than a colourful home. But, if this isn’t your thing, pick a different scheme. Keep it simple with two colours and varying shades, and then stick to it.

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  • Kostas Chiotis

    Making your space look as tidy as possible with storage is absolutely necessary. Fresh flowers is a great tip too, thanks for sharing. Natural light is great in a room but also having the right lighting is key. When you have direct lighting this always makes a space appear simpler than it is.

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