Invisalign Treatment Models: A Guide

Invisalign is customized using 3D printing technology. Because every set is different, there are also different treatment models. They vary depending on the complexity and the type of teeth misalignment. The dentist will choose the best model for you. But this guide will give you an idea of what to expect.

  1. Invisalign Comprehensive

Invisalign comprehensive treatment is designed for complex cases. Unlike the other models, this one has no limit to the number of aligners one needs. The treatment will stop when you and the dentist see desired results. It can treat any orthodontic condition including, protruding teeth, overcrowding, overbite, and underbite. Like the other models, the comprehensive treatment also offers ultimate comfort. The more consuming and complex the case is, the more transparent aligners are required. So if they recommend comprehensive treatment, you should brace yourself for a long process. However, it is one of the most effective options for extensive tooth correction. The fact that the aligners are almost unnoticeable makes the process a little easier.

2. Invisalign Lite

The Invisalign lite typically requires fourteen aligners. It’s used when seven or more aligners are needed per jaw. It provides mild to moderate teeth correction. Most people get the lite treatment when their cases are not too severe and not too minor. The timeframe for this treatment is usually around seven months. The aligners are changed after two weeks, just like the rest, but results may differ depending on the condition. When you need moderate teeth straightening and don’t want fixed braces, this is the best option. You have to check whether you are eligible for the treatment or not from a professional. Mail order Invisalign may not be perfect; you need extensive assessment and the best possible customized aligners. Because it uses fewer aligners than the comprehensive treatment, the cost may be lower.

3. Invisalign i7

This is a three months treatment consisting of only seven aligners. As you may have guessed already, it’s used to treat minor corrections. That means your slight overbite can be completely corrected in three months. As a result, the i7 treatment is more cost-effective and more comfortable, plus you don’t have to wait a long time to see results. The aligners are still customized even when it’s a common imperfection. A lot of people have taken the treatment for small dental blemishes. It works for both teenagers and adults. Some people who have undergone other orthodontic treatments may be left with small imperfections that make them feel self-conscious. The i7 treatment was developed for such people and anyone with a blemish that makes them lose confidence. You will have your beautiful smile in a very short time.

4. Invisalign Comprehensive with Teen Features

This treatment was formerly called Invisalign teen. It’s the ultimate treatment for teeth correction in adolescents. Teenagers and people in their twenties pay more attention to their appearance. They are more likely to be self-conscious when they have crooked teeth. The teen treatment was specially designed for them. It offers an unprecedented groundbreaking level of comfort for teens. It’s in line with the adult comprehensive, so the aligners are not limited. The complex situations may take a long time to get to perfection. There are features added to the treatment to make the aligners more favorable for young adults. It’s far less awkward for the teen than the metal braces, which can stay on for a long time. They come with a built-in indication point for the parents and doctors to check if they are worn as intended.

5. Invisalign First

The Invisalign first is for children between six to ten years. It gives parents a chance to give the young ones a beautiful start. It also helps save them a lengthy orthodontic treatment in the future. The aligners can push permanent and milk teeth in place. It uses the same impressive 3D technology. It’s highly recommended. But, in the case of a child, you need to do more than Googling Invisalign dentist near me. Make sure that they perform a thorough check on the child before treatment. Orthodontic treatment of children is not common. But sometimes, the child cannot wait until later. That is when the parent can consider Invisalign first. The results are very impressive on children with moderate and mild imperfections.


These are the treatment models of Invisalign. They are all effective when applied to the situations they are made for. Parents can now give kids as young as six the confidence boost that comes from a smile. These are the options you will encounter on your visit to the dentist. You should check in with Guru Dentistry in Irvine to discuss which would work best for you.



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