Is Work-life Balance a Hoax?

The internet has made it possible to bring your work home, even when you don’t bring a car load of files home with you. The internet, or any mobile device, accesses enough to keep you busy for the weekend, that you planned to spend with the family. There is so much to do, with so little time, and that is not likely to change soon.

Is it possible to change this – to make more time for the people you love without compromising your work? Sure, it has been done. It would take a few adjustments that you may find uncomfortable at first, but it is doable. First, though, establish your goals.

  • Log off

These days no one wants to miss out and even when you are on vacation, you are still able to keep up with the office. But this habit only means you will be working on vacation instead of resting. If turning off your device is too hard, then why not deliberately leave it behind? Or just go to a place where there will be no internet service. Even the most successful leaders find ways to get off their addictive gadgets.

  • Turn off Distractions

It has already been established that social media is unproductive unless you are an online marketer or influencer, and so it makes no sense being online when you don’t need to. Deactivating your Facebook account or making deliberate efforts to stay off it during your work day will free up at least two hours of your time. Also, scheduling posts if you have to constantly update your social page will save you a good amount of time.

  • Use Technology Productively

Thanks to the advancements in tech, several services are automatised these days. Take smart contracts, for instance, where you automate a recurring draft. If you have to draft documents that are almost alike in every aspect every now and then, it would save you time to automate the service and start offering mobile notary services for the busiest lot.

  • Self-Care is Key

What is your idea of self-care? For an overworked mother who has to keep tabs on a young family as well as her impending promotion, self-care comes in form of free time without her babies and laptop. And maybe with her partner for some quality time that is quite hard to come by. Treat yourself to a nice bath if you can’t get away and maybe get a masseur to make a home call? Also get your hair and nails done while at it? Sometimes a little pampering is all we need.

You are not a Robot

Take a break every now and then to rejuvenate your mind and realign your plans to your purpose. You may be chasing success so hard that you forget to take a minute and enjoy what you have right in front of you. Part of achieving balance in your life is celebrating small victories and accepting that you cannot do it all. You are doing just fine, so take a break and enjoy your success.

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