Jewellery Lover: Know How To Select Jewellery That Strengthen Your Appearance

Rightly said, “Jewelry has the power to be that one thing which will make you feel unique” 

Jewelry has been worn for ages for plenty of different reasons. Some wear it to enhance the appearance, look unique, show status, and some wear it as a part of culture and tradition. No matter what the reason is, it’s a fact that jewelry plays a significant role in making you look different. 

From jewelry that is created from natural elements like grass and wood to royal gemstones, we have an extensive list of designs, shapes, and materials. But do we know what style will suit our personality? Here’s some tips on choosing jewelry that will complement your specific features and shape:


As clothing style changes the perception of viewers regarding your height, similarly, necklace style does the same thing. In case you have a short height and desire you look taller, then make sure you choose a longer necklace. The V-shaped and Y-shaped necklaces can elongate your looks. You can even opt for necklaces that are different in look and have long chains such as fantasy necklaces. They are unique and look very different. This was for short height people, but those who want to hide their tallness can choose a 16 or 18 inches sized necklace; even a necklace like a chokar can make you look shorter. Make sure you choose the one that suits your personality and height as well as doesn’t make you look weird. 


With earrings, either they can work towards or against your face shape. It’s a fact that some earrings don’t match your face’s shape and make you look very different. We mean not so good. Thus, make sure you choose the earring style that emphasizes your face’s beautiful side and doesn’t highlight the flaws. In case you don’t what sort of face shapes we are talking about, then lets’ jot down some for your reference: 

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Heart-shaped
  • Oval
  • Square

In case you have an oval-shaped face, then you are fortunate as people with this shape can wear almost any style of earrings. Whereas for a round-shaped face, it’s always recommended to avoid the big button style earrings or hoops, as these types will enhance the fullness of the face. Make sure you choose long earrings or rectangular or square-shaped ones as this will elongate your face. 

The heart-shaped face is thinner by the chin, and so to make the chin area look a bit wider, it is best to go with the chandeliers and triangular-shaped earrings. Now comes the long or rectangular face people; for them, the smaller stud will match the shape and make it look prettier. 

Bracelets and Rings

When it comes to appreciating the looks, then people like to get it for the face as well as hands. The praise for overall appearance makes a big difference. Most of the time, when we sit or talk, the hands are covering our checks, so make sure when you choose rings or bracelets, it should complement not only your hands but your face as well. Consider the size of your hand bone; some have very wide wrists, whereas some are blessed with thin ones. So in case you have a wider one, go with wide bracelets or a stack of bracelets. For the ones that have thin wrists, select the thin and delicate bracelet. 

When selecting rings, you need to think about the shape of your fingers. If you are blessed with short fingers, then make sure not to choose the wide rings as they will look extremely bulky and will enhance the shortness of your finger; you need to opt for delicate rings. Whereas people with long fingers should go with round-style rings or the wide bands that will look best on them. 

Final Words

Always make sure that when you choose jewelry, choose it with love. Keep in mind your liking, and then find the jewelry that strengthens your appearance and compliments your outfit. 

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