When Kids And Your Home Don’t Mix


Are your kids good at putting on butter-wouldn’t-melt faces? If so, then they are probably experts at covering up their mischief and mayhem. However, no matter how good your kids are at covering up their tracks, there are going to be sometimes when their unruly behaviour is very difficult for them to hide. And, most of the time, that is when they have caused some damage to your home.

Thankfully, kids making a huge mess and causing some damage isn’t a regular occurrence. But when your kids and your home just don’t mix, you can use these tips to speed up the clear up.

Smashed Windows

Even if you employ a strict no-ball rule for inside your home, there is no guarantee that one of your kids’ footballs isn’t going to miss a window on your property when they are having a kickaround in the garden. If a ball does end up hurtling through your window, don’t panic! Firstly, clear up all the shards of glass so that no one cuts themselves on it. Then, you should call a company that offers emergency glass repair services. They’ll send some of their workers over to you as quickly as possible and will have a new window pane in in no time at all.


Drawing On The Walls

Kids are super creative, so there is no wonder that they will want to show off their artistic skills as often as possible. It’s just that they won’t want to restrict themselves to their drawing pads! Many parents have to deal with young children who love drawing on the walls. Getting sick of repainting or re-wallpapering? You just need to paint a wall with chalkboard paint. Your kids can then doodle on this with some chalk, and you can quickly wipe it clean with a wet cloth. And there’ll be no lasting damage to your walls!


It’s not just young kids who can cause some serious property damage. Teenagers are also culpable for some pretty big messes too! Teenagers start to dabble with some very unsavoury creative hobbies, such as graffiti. There’s a good chance that they may tag your home’s walls or they might go bigger with a larger image. If this happens, you should be able to wash most of the graffiti paint off with some regular soap and water. If that doesn’t work, you can buy some special solutions from your local DIY store that you can wash your walls with. It’s then a good idea to confiscate any remaining spray cans from your teens!

When you live with kids, you will know all too well just how important it is that you keep a beady eye on them at all times. Otherwise, you might end up with one of the above disasters on your hands! But don’t worry; most of the property damage that kids can cause is relatively easy to clean up. Just use all of the above tips to help with all the damage control in the aftermath!

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