Know More About Bed Bugs – They Live with You!

Agonised by the presence of bed bugs and don’t know what to do with them? These brownish, small, and oval insects live with you, suck on your blood, and make life difficult for you and your loved ones. They don’t even leave your pets alone. Given that bed bugs dominate most spaces of your home without being visible to your naked eyes, it’s time to know them better.

As you look around for an experienced bed-bugs eradication company to get rid of this nuisance, prior knowledge of these pests will certainly aid your search. Read on for more on bed bugs.

A Closer Look at Bed Bugs

Look under your mattress. Do you find any insects that are almost the size of an apple seed? Full-grown bedbugs have a flattish body that’s brown in colour. Once they suck on the blood of their hosts, they swell up and take on a reddish coloration. Jordan Larson from says that bed bugs can live up to five months without a meal, making them very difficult to get rid of. They cannot fly and can be seen crawling at brisk speed over ceilings, floors, and walls. Over their lifetime, the female bed bugs are capable of giving a hundred eggs or so. Each of these eggs is very tiny in size, almost as small as a speck of dust. Fortunately, experts in bed bugs elimination have the right tools and expertise to detect and eliminate them easily.

What About the Immature Bedbugs?

Nymphs or immature bed bugs are known to shed off their skin on five instances before attaining adulthood. They suck on the blood of their hosts to make each shedding possible. If the right conditions prevail for their growth, the immature nymphs can grow to their full size in about thirty days, sometimes less. In any given year, bed bugs can give birth to three (or more) generations on an annual basis. Thankfully, even though bed bugs serve to be an irritant, and cause bad stings and bites, they do not carry or transmit any diseases.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs can reach your neat and clean home from just about anywhere. They usually come in undetected with your shoes, luggage, couches, used beds, and a host of other items. If you happen to work in or travel to any infested place, these bed bugs can fit into the tiniest of spaces in your bag or car to come back home with you. The other places where bed bugs can be found hidden are in box springs, mattresses, bed frames, curtains, and headboards. They usually thrive near people and animals so that they get their feed at night. These nocturnal creatures may spread to your bathroom and other living spaces to fill up crevices, nooks, corners, and other locations. In worse situations, they may start spreading to other floors or to your neighbours’ apartment – take care!

Hire Bed-Bugs Only Elimination Services

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