Ladies, Make Your Presence Felt Around the House

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You know what girls? I feel like there are far too many manly elements in our homes! And that’s why I like to take the time to make my presence felt around the house! There are quite a few approaches I like to take in order to achieve this. And I’m going to share these approaches with you in this post.

Check out my suggestions for making your home a little more feminine. This will benefit any house, and will neutralise the strong male influence of our partners! Here’s what I do to make my presence felt around the home.


The first steps on my list would be making sure you redecorate. Add some colour and vibrancy to the place, and check out winter trends. Of course, you want to be careful you don’t overpower the place with colour. But, it’s important to have contrasts and make the place a little more homely. Think about the best areas you can redecorate. Something like the bedroom or the bathroom might be a good place to start. I usually start off small by hanging some artwork and adding a bit of colour. Then I can branch out from there if I want to.

Strive for the Kitchen You Want

It’s often joked that the kitchen is the woman’s domain. Well, to be honest, I really love the kitchen as a room. And it’s important to me to try to get it as great as possible. I like to make kitchen renovations a priority in the home. I feel like this is me taking charge of a particular room and area of the home. So it’s important that I am happy with the outcome. Plus, the kitchen is the most important room in the home, so I feel happy having an influence on how it looks.

Keep Mess to a Minimum

Nobody likes a mess, let’s be honest. And we all know boys can be messy! So I like to try to come up with ways to keep the mess to a minimum in my home. My strategies include nagging and bossiness. I joke of course! But it is important to come up with ideas that will keep the mess to a minimum. I have found that a rota works very well, and so does trying to clean as you go.

Put Flowers Out

Isn’t it amazing how much of an impact fresh flowers can have on a home? Trust me, I swear by them. When you get home today buy a bunch of flowers and stick them in a vase and put them in the middle of the table. You will be amazed at how much they transform the room. They add some beauty and elegance to the place. And they make the room smell lovely as well.

Ladies, it’s so easy to let the home get overrun with manly things. So, why not take the time to inject a bit of femininity into the place? It’s important to make your presence felt around the house. And you can do this by following the ideas on this post.   


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