Life Changing Beauty and Skin Care Products

New, revolutionary beauty and skin care products are appearing almost every day. But, keeping track of all of this new tech, all of these new ingredients and features can be quite overwhelming.

What’s the right product for you? What new innovations should you give a try? What is actually worth the splurge?

While fancy new products can be exciting, building the perfect reservoir of beauty and skin care products really starts with you sticking true to the roots, to the products that have been tried and tested over time. But of course, you need to treat yourself to something a little more thrilling every now and then too and we’ll take you through both sides.

More than Just a Moisturiser

We all know that one of the most important and often used products we keep on our counters is the moisturiser. Yes it hydrates our skin, makes it feel smoother, more soft and supple, but why should it stop there?

Take it a step further with your moisturiser and target your skin’s health and beauty, target your underlying skin concerns. A custom blend moisturiser is your best friend here and the next step up. Combining the hydrating power of your regular moisturiser with a treatment solution, these new products can help defend against anything from signs of fatigue to irritation, uneven skin tone and texture.

Figure out exactly what skin concern is the highest on your radar and find a blend that helps you target it.

A Little Extra Treatment

Sometimes, your skin is going to need a little bit more than what a blended moisturiser can provide. Keeping a young, clear complexion is not an easy task, and not all products are going to be up for it.

Having hydrated skin is just one piece of the puzzle. Firmer, lifted, radiant and plump are a few more descriptions you want to be aiming for and often a stronger concentration in the form of a serum or facial treatment is just what you’ll need.

Make sure that the products you choose are dermatologist-tested and always keep an eye out for ingredients that help boost your natural recovery and support your skin.

Reducing Hair Loss

Often not a staple in our beauty routines, yet an ever increasing concern for us all, especially as we age is hair loss. Our skin usually takes priority but our hair and scalp need love too.

You wash and moisturise your face everyday. You’ll exfoliate regularly and maybe even put some expensive serums to use. All the while, a standard shampoo and conditioning is the only attention your hair gets. Similar to the custom moisturisers, why not give your hair that extra bit of attention with a hair loss reducing shampoo and conditioner. It seems that the specialty takes on our classic or traditional products are the way to go, and they really are. These products will save you the hassle of having to shop around for multiple items and save you time in your everyday routine.

If that wasn’t enough as it is, beyond helping to thicken and strengthen your hair, these shampoo variations can help target a range of different hair care concerns. Whether you’re starting to shed due to age, stress, brushing or are experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss, be sure to look for the products most relevant to you. A more targeted approach will work much better than anything else.

Touching Up

Covering your bases with a strong recovery and prevention focused skin and hair care routine will get you the best results. But, it never hurts to spoil yourself and how could this guide be complete without any mention of makeup.

First stop, your lips. It goes without saying, but sticking with a more neutral matte or satin lipstick is your best bet. But, go out on a limb if you’re feeling adventurous with a more glossy, vibrant colour for a defiant, lustrous look. Don’t let anything stop you from rocking that bright purple or pink shade.

Next up is your eyes. Once again, when it comes to makeup – you can either play it safe with more professional, muted tones or you can go all out with some high intensity, dazzling colours. It’s completely up to you. From eyeshadow to mascara, pick the products that best define and represent you.

Bringing it back to your skin, no matter how much care you might give and how good your daily, nightly routine is, breakouts and imperfections are sometimes just unavoidable. A good foundation and concealer are what you need to give yourself the perfect finish.  

Extravagance, when it comes to your beauty and skin care regimen can be very exciting, but don’t forget to come back to the basics every now and then to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

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