Life and Financial Goals All Women Need To Know

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I have a confession, I used to be really bad with money in my teens and 20’s.

I was living week to week, pay check to pay check, with a huge credit card debt. A failed relationship, then becoming a sole parent juggling debts and bills wondering how I got myself into this mess, I had to declare bankruptcy at the age of 23.

I think it is ingrained into us that we HAVE to have the latest clothing, shoes, makeup, perfume, homewares, a good car and even a nice house to be successful but how can you be successful if you don’t have any money at the end of the pay cycle?woman budgeting

Many women are living week to week without thinking of their future. Maybe you want to save for a house? Start a business? An overseas holiday?

Ok, yes budgeting and planning can be boring and incredibly daunting but we all need to take responsibility for our futures. We can’t get anyone else to do it for us.

I admit, It wasn’t until I started doing the financials for my business that I realised I needed to, not only plan for the future of my business, but for my own (and my children’s) future as well.

Today I don’t have any credit cards (I cut my cards up and paid off the debt) or debt and only use a direct debit card for online purchases etc. I won’t buy anything unless I need it and if I have the money for it.

Unfortunately, money management isn’t something that has been taught to a lot of people. I know in my instance, my mother was really bad with money and never seemed to have any at the end of the pay cycle. Even in his late 60’s my father doesn’t have that much to show for the years he has worked on a high salary. So, as you can see, I didn’t have guidance from my own parents on good financial management or planning for the future and had to go through my own mistakes to learn how to manage my finances properly.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through the mistakes I made to secure your financial future.

With the assistance of organisations like 10thousandgirl, you can learn how to achieve your life and financial goals easily.

10thousandgirl is a not for profit organisation that empowers women to find financial freedom through greater financial literacy.

The 10thousandgirl 6 Week Money Makeover program is a first of its kind in Australia.  The aim is to make life planning and personal finance fun, social and totally life-changing. It’s all about learning the life and finance skills we all need to know but so often didn’t learn at home or at school.  This program is designed for women to feel set for a financially secure future.

Each time a woman completes the 6 Step Money Makeover, $10 of her program fees go toward providing a micro loan for a woman to start or grow her small business.

Microfinance is a business approach to help solve poverty. Rather than a hand-out, individuals not otherwise able to borrow from a traditional lending institute are provided a loan as small as $100 (known as microcredit or a micro loan) to help grow their small business. A loan enables them to start or grow their business to earn an income to afford food, water, shelter and education for their children. It is a sustainable dignified way to contribute to lifting living standards around the world, leaving people educated, confident and with the resources to help themselves.

After extensive research into the governance behind multiple microloan providers, 10thousandgirl partnered with Opportunity International Australia and Good Return to distribute microloans predominately across India, Indonesia and The Philippines.

We love social enterprises. By Australian women learning about life and financial goals, women in other parts of the world learn to become business women and self-sufficient.

In partnership with The Vasudhara Foundation the 10thousandgirl campaign is excited to be able to offer 100 Australian women partially funded scholarships for its flagship learning tool: the 6 Week Money Makeover. So essentially, instead of paying $149 for the course, you only have to pay $30. How fantastic is that?

All you have to do is enter via  and simply share your greatest life aspirations and your financial challenges that prevent you from achieving them. It’s easy to apply for and everyone has a chance.

Please share this post with all of your friends, it is important that we get the word out that there is help for women with their life and financials goals and they can be helping those even less, fortunately, start a self-sufficient life of their own.

What do you think are the biggest financial hurdles you face? What have you overcome to better your life and financial future? Any hints or tips you can share?

#SP This post was a sponsored post in conjunction with 10thousandgirls in accordance with our Disclosure Policy.

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