The Little Details That Can Make Your House A Home

There is a big difference between a house and a home. A house it the building itself, the walls and the roof. Whereas a home is the place that you actually inhabit. It is personalised to you and your family and should be comfortable and cozy. So how can you convert your house into a real home? Read on to find out.

Family Pictures

Putting up pictures of your family can very much help convert the house that you live in, into a home. This is because it personalizes the space. It also allows you to be surrounded by reminders of your loved ones, whether they are living there with you, or not.

Most people opt for family portraits, and there are plenty of ways you can display these. You can install them in traditional style frames and create a picture wall. Or you can get a multi-frame and create groups of different family members. Or you can go for something a bit less traditional and hand polarized images across the room on a string.

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For those that aren’t into seeing their own picture all over the house, you can stick to other members of the family. Or you can exchange the portraits for landscape shots of places that you have visited, that you find beautiful, or are meaningful to you.

Cozy Touches

Something else that will help create a homely feel in your house is to fill it with cozy touches. Don’t be fooled by Pinterest and Instagram, a home should have at least a little bit of a lived in vibe.

Achieve this by adding throws to the couches in the living room. Or extra blankets in easy reach when you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee. You can even install a fireplace for the ultimate cozy factor.

Remember though a real fire will need a pre-existing flue or one to be installing in your home which can be a big job. Another option is to go for an electric fire instead. Industry expert Philips Paul wrote about this. Read his article by clicking the previous link and make sure you research your choice well before parting with any money.

Relaxed spaces  

Another part of making your house a home is ensuring that it is actually working for you. That means even the most house proud of people, should identify some areas in the home that don’t have to be ‘show home’ standard all the time.

It is import to have relaxed spaces like these in the home. This is because they take the stress off of you. They also allow the other members of the household to feel at home. As they are not constantly worried about immediately tidying up after themselves.

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This can work particularly well with children. For example, you can set them a more relaxed space to be in their play room. That means they’re welcome to get out toys, games and art materials. But they aren’t allowed to bring these out into the rest of the home. Then they get somewhere to play and be expressive, and you get clean and tidy home.


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