Looking After Your Loved Ones: 5 Tips for Helping Ageing Parents

As you get older, so do your parents.

This can be a tough transition for everyone. Caring for your elderly parents can be tough. Give them the best care possible with these five tips for helping aging parents.

1. Determine What Care Is Needed

When you’re wondering how to help elderly parents, the first thing you should do is determine what kind of care is needed. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, so sit down and make a list of the tasks that your parents need help with.

They may only need help with household chores, so you may consider hiring someone to come in regularly to clean. Or perhaps they’re unable to drive now and need someone to drive them to appointments and such.

2. Review Finances and Important Paperwork

Wondering how to help aging parents? Reviewing their finances and getting paperwork in order can be a big help. Whether it’s insurance, medical forms, or the arrangement of other important documents, getting organized can be a big help to everyone.

Depending upon their financial situation, they may be eligible for government assistance or Medicaid. You can help them create a budget if necessary. Other things include determining any long-term health care needs.

3. Location Tracker

Depending upon the health of your parent, you may consider giving them a location tracker to wear. If they suffer from memory loss or dementia, a tracker can give everyone peace of mind.

GPS trackers are also beneficial in case of any accidents outside of the home. The trackers can also guard your elderly parents against neglect within nursing homes. You will be able to track whether or not they are being left in their rooms all day instead of getting out and about as they should. You can learn more about using tracking devices for elderly people.

4. Show Compassion and Understanding

It’s important to show compassion and understanding when helping elderly parents. Needing assistance is completely new to them. It’s not easy to give up the independence and start leaning on others for things they used to do with ease.

Trying putting yourself in their shoes. How would you want to be approached? Compassion can go a long way.

5. Seek Help 

If you feel that your parents need more help than you can provide, it may be time to seek help. This will look different for everyone but could mean having a home health nurse visit or visit assisted living communities.

If caregiving is necessary, it can be expensive. There are businesses and resources that can help. Check local agencies, hospitals, and home health care options.

Are You Helping Ageing Parents?

Your parents took care of you, so it’s only natural that you want to return the favor. There are many ways when it comes to helping aging parents transition during this new season of their lives. 

Did you find these tips helpful? Be sure to check back regularly for more great tips and advice.

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