Looking for a New Hair Straightener? Here are Some Tips

If you want flawlessly straight hair, you will need a reliable hair straightener to help you achieve that, but as you embark on your search, you will find that there are endless options to choose from. Are they all the same? Will any of them provide you with the results you desire? The answer is no. Not all hair devices are similar. There are many aspects and features that you should look into before purchasing. Not getting the proper flat iron for your hair may result in damage or unsatisfactory results. So before you go and purchase any tool for your hair, you should do some research to know what your hair needs and how each model and brand can affect your hair in the short and long term. Here are some important tips that will help you find the perfect hair straightener for your hair. 

Know Your Hair Type 

First of all, you should understand that you can’t simply borrow your sister’s or friend’s straightener. Just because a certain tool is working well for them doesn’t mean that it will work as well, or at all, for you. Each hair type has different needs and should use appliances that are made to benefit its specific nature. If you have tight curls, a regular straightener won’t do the job, you need one with wide plates. Narrow plates are perfect for wavy hair, which is easier to manage in straightening cases. If you have fine hair, that entails that your hair strands are too delicate and can easily get damaged under the extreme heat of a wide-plate straightener. Fine hair requires a straightener that doesn’t get too hot; if you have thick hair, on the other hand, you will need one with higher and more consistent temperature options. 

Price vs. Quality 

Contrary to popular belief, a higher price tag doesn’t always mean better quality. This doesn’t also mean that a cheap hair straightener wouldn’t damage your hair. When purchasing a hair straightener there are many things that you need to look out for other than its price. The main features to look for in flat irons are durability and effectively adjustable heat levels. Some ceramic irons provide extra protection for thin hair; the plates heat up evenly, which means that there won’t be any unregulated spots in the iron that could burn your hair. An ionic straightener is a right choice for both straight and wavy hair; it creates negatively charged ions to neutralize your hair strands while also removing any frizz. 

Temperature Settings

Heat is the main factor that straightens your hair, but that doesn’t mean that the higher the temperature the better your hair will look. So don’t focus on getting a flat iron with high-temperature settings as that can burn your hair after a while. Instead, focus on getting one with many adjustable temperatures that start from a low degree, yet can reach higher ones should your hair need it.

When it comes to a delicate thing such as your hair, you should be careful about what you purchase. If your goal is shiny, straight, frizz-free hair, then you should invest more time researching the types of straighteners in the market that suit your specific needs. Once you know your hair type, you should search for the types of irons that would style it the way you want without burning it. That way you’ll guarantee that you will get a straightener that provides you with the outcome you desire without damaging your hair.


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