Maintenance Poll of the Day -To DIY Or Not To DIY That Is The Question?

So home maintenance is something that we cannot get away from. You need to keep it up to date.  If you ignore it, it becomes worse and can cost you a lot more in the long run, or you can be left with a leaking hot water system, a mouldy bathroom or an unsafe room.  The problem is that DIYing your home maintenance can hard work and boring to boot. Below are some options on whether it’s best to DIY or get the professionals in.

DIY – cost

Maggie from Perth thinks that wherever possible you should do your own home maintenance to save money. She says that she doesn’t want to waste her hard earned cash on employing someone to do a job that she could do herself with a bit of elbow grease. She likes to paint the house herself and keep the garden in good order. She even has a flat roof so is happy to check for leaks when the weather is good. There are a few jobs that she has to get qualified people in for like gas fitting and boiler checks, though.  This is because they need to be done to a particular standard, and you need the right paperwork to rent or resell your property. So she uses Diamond Plumbing local plumbers to help her.

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Professionals – quality

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Helen from Sydney prefers to use the professional for house maintenance because she like her home to be finished to a high standard. Living in a huge city apartment, if Helen tried to do her own maintenance, she knows she couldn’t match it to the level of how the flat is finished. That why she calls in local companies to help her like carpenters and decorators. She just knows that they will always do a top notch job.


DIY – learn new skills

Pam from Queensland is a retired teacher, and she says that she is that majority of her own home maintenance with her husband, Bill. Although they sometimes disagree on the best ways to get things done, Pam says she and Bill enjoy learning how to do new things in the house. When they get stuck, she just looks up a ‘how to video’ or two on Youtube. She gets a sense of satisfaction from doing all herself, and it helps to keep her mind and body active.


Professional – time

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Brian from Sydney suggests that getting the professional in to help you with your house maintenance is well worth the extra dollars.  He says that when he is not working long hour in his finance job, he rather be spending his free time at the beach with his mates and relaxing. For Brain his spare time if much more valuable than saving a few dollars. He even admits that he hasn’t got the motivation to get the home maintenance done on his own.


Professional – Peace of mind


Becky from Canberra is a mother of three and also has a husband and a dog to look after. She says that even if she weren’t so busy, she would use a professional company for her home maintenance needs because she prefers to have the peace of mind that it has all been done properly, and the kids will be as safe as possible.


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