How To Make Your Graden An Extension Of Your Home

Now that it is summer many of us will be itching to get out into the garden. There’s something about being out in the fresh air, feeling the warmth on our skin that can make us feel happy. But, for a lot of us, our gardens will be needing a little work and attention. This is possibly down to the fact that it will have been neglected during the winter months. However, if you made your garden more of an extension of your home could you keep up with the maintenance all year round? Perhaps even use it during the colder months? The answer is most likely yes. So I thought I would share with you a few ways you can make your garden a real extension of your interior home.

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Give your garden a big tidy up

Our gardens, much like our homes, can become cluttered over time. From garden furniture not being put back in the right place, to garden tools being left out because there is nowhere for them to go. We can get just as frustrated with the mess in our gardens than we can in our homes. So take the opportunity to tidy up your garden and have a declutter. Use a Garden Clearance service to help get rid of unwanted items. The transformation will be amazing and gives you something to work with.


Think about what you want from your garden

Do you need a functional garden space that children can play in, or perhaps somewhere where you can relax in an evening? Do you want to be able to eat outside and enjoy BBQ’d food, or just enjoy your morning coffee while reading a book? Working out what you want from your garden will be key to the design. This is where you can incorporate little changes that will work for you going forward. Making sure you get much more out of your garden.

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Invest in garden furniture

Whether you want to eat outside or just relax, if you need space to do other activities. Invest in the garden furniture that will help you achieve your goal. So eating outside will require a good patio set and with a decent table and some chairs. Relaxing outside may just mean purchasing some comfortable sun loungers or seats. You may even want to think outside of th box and use a hammock or some alternative furniture ideas. Pinterest has some great ideas if you are stuck for some inspiration.


Design your garden just like you would your home

This is when you need to think more about how your garden looks. Just like you would if you were decorating your bedroom or kitchen. You need to think about colors, whether you want a particular theme. Adding flowers to a patio or along your lawn can make a garden look much prettier and inviting. Maybe you want it to be an extension of your kitchen. This is where you could consider growing herbs or even vegetables. Have an outside space where you can cook. There are many options to think about but try and approach the situation just like you would your interior.


I hope this guide helps you make your garden an extension of your home.


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