Make Moving Day A Success With These Great Tips


When someone moves house, you don’t think about it being a success. You think about it being difficult and how you could make the process easier if you ever had to move. But, success should be right up there as a goal that is as important as ease. Just think about it. What would happen if something went wrong on the day of the big move? It would be a catastrophe, and it is something you would want to avoid, without a shadow of a doubt.


To help make your next move as successful as possible, here are our tips.


Clean And Declutter Ruthlessly

One problem that always arises on any moving day is getting the property clean for the next residents. If you rent, this is a huge issue because estate agents can be very picky. There just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything cleared and tidied. Instead of starting months in advance, get organised and get ruthless. Unless you need it, or it is easy to pack, get rid of it and move to the next room. Break it down into small chunks and take every room as it comes.


What To Turn Off?

Obviously, there are some things that need switching off and closing down before you leave. Otherwise, future inhabitants could use your account and charge their bills to your card. Anything from the Internet connection to the gas and electric needs accounting for, so ring them up and make them aware you are moving. Once you tell them the date, they cannot charge you extra for any future use in that property.



Apart from your family and friends, who else needs to know? As it turns out, quite a few people! Most important are the people that could send sensitive information in their correspondence. Bank and credit cards companies often come into this bracket. Also, you need to tell any schools and employers that might need to get hold of you urgently. Then, there is the council tax and the doctor. If you thought that was it, it isn’t. There are just too many to mention in one paragraph! If you need a comprehensive list, check out or ask your estate agent to make you a list.



Get Smart About Removals

Firstly, the smart decision is to hire a moving company. Moving companies are brilliant at what they do, and they will make the experience so much easier. However, you have to be careful. Just like any service on the market, there are good movers and bad ones. Start by listing the ones that seem the most reliable and then break them down into groups. Do this by asking friends and families are feedback and using the feedback of others on forums. Also, give them a call and ask some simple questions. Their answers should give you enough insight into their abilities.


Start Unpacking

After you have left, you need to get your new home up and ready. Otherwise, you will be living in a shell of a house for weeks. Give yourself a date to unpack all the boxes and get the house up to your standards.


Preferably, that date should only be two or three days in the not too distant future!


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