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Considering Instagram has around 800 million users, chances are that you already have your own page on the photo sharing app. Now, the basic purpose of this app is to share snaps of what you’re up to with your family and friends. However, a huge percentage of users take their feed more seriously and consciously curate an aesthetic journal of the best parts of their day to day life. Some people are so successful in this that they gain tens of thousands of followers, and many have made careers out of ads and sponsorship as a result. Now, summer is a notably fun time for the majority of us. We tend to book vacations, attend outdoor events, and revel in the sunshine. But if you want to make your snaps of your good times stand out from the crowd, you might want to incorporate a few stand out items! Not only are these fun, but they’ll make your pictures pop too! Here are a couple to consider.

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Chances are that your Instagram feed is currently flooded with holiday photographs of the sea, pools, and pool parties. While 2017 was the year of “hot dogs or legs”, this year has seen a huge increase in the number of giant novelty inflatables appearing in people’s holiday snaps. Now, there’s a good reason for this trend. Not only are the inflatables extremely fun – who wouldn’t want to float around a pool on a giant unicorn? – but they look great too. Now, you used to only really find inflatables in gift shops at holiday resorts, so would have to settle with whatever was on offer at your destination when you arrived. However, increased demand for extra large floats with quirky designs has resulted in them being stocked at large chain stores. Popular quirky designs include flamingos, unicorns, pizza slices, and doughnut rings. You can also get fun and convenient extras, such as inflatable drinks holders to hold your cans of fizzy drinks. Again, these come in all sorts of designs. You may even be able to get a miniature drink holder float to match your large, main inflatable. The best part? You don’t need to toss these aside once you’re done with them. You can simply deflate them, pack them down into their original boxes, and save them for more fun next summer! If you’re looking for something a little less retro and a little more subtle, you could consider bean bag pool chairs. These serve a similar purpose to inflatables, but are less garish. Photos on one of these will give your feed a classier look.

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Sequins and Glitter

Festival season is upon us and long gone are the days when people set off with nothing but old shorts and tees paired with wellies. When you look at some of the most popular tagged festival images on social media, you’ll notice that people are going all out with their outfits of choice. A popular look this year? Sequins and glitter. It’s all about standing out when the sun hits you in the crowd! Now, there are plenty of different ways that you can embrace the sequin and glitter vibe. The first is completely sequined items of clothing. If you want to go all out, consider sequin bodysuits, crop tops, or shorts. If you want something a little more casual that can be removed, consider a sequin jacket. When it comes to glitter, you should incorporate the sparkly stuff into your makeup and hair styling. For a subtle look, add different glitters to your eyelids. Alternatively, go all out with face paints and bold glitter looks that you couldn’t get away with anywhere other than a festival. You can also try sprinkling glitter into your hair parting. This looks particularly effective with whacky styles like space buns.

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If you’re a more active and adventurous individual and you want to show everyone exactly what you’re up to, you might want to consider investing in a GoPro camera. Why? Well, a GoPro is an action camera that is specifically designed to capture images in alternative environments and under extreme conditions. Say you go on vacation and spend a lot of time snorkelling or diving. A GoPro comes in a watertight case and can capture images of you and your loved ones underwater, as well as all of the sights that you will come across, including fish, corals, and other sea creatures. It can also be used more casually in the pool to capture candid shots of swimming and pool games underway. If you are going hiking, it’s also a sturdy alternative to other types of camera, which could break or become damaged if dropped on tough terrain. You can also use this device to film, so you’re not just limited to static shots. You could build up a whole lot of footage for your Instagram stories, as well as your Insta feed!

These are just a few different ideas to get your imagination going. While summer will be fun in itself, you can also make your Insta feed pop with some seriously fun novelty items thrown into the mix!

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