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This year’s Salon Melbourne Hair and Beauty Event was an extravaganza of over 250 of the best hair and beauty brands in Australia. It hosted 18 educational sessions on everything from bridal hair to nutrition, and 20 fabulous Main Stage shows, packed with industry tips and tricks from the best in the business.

For me, the highlight was bumping into a delicious and almost naked 20-something male, promoting something or other. In shorts. I don’t really know actually. Probably something really good though. Maybe even shorts.


Anyway, here are some of the hair and beauty industry’s weirdest and wonderfullest offerings for 2015:


My favourite new brand of hand and body treats, with the most brilliant upbeat names. Made of natural and organic ingredients, these nourishing and healing products will detoxify and rejuvenate your skin in the most refreshing, fragrant and funky ways. Try their ‘Wake Up, Kick-Ass, Be Rad, Repeat’ body wash for that extra boost in the mornings, or their ‘Love Your Own Wild’ hand cream, for a light but deeply moisturising effect. And try not to eat their body souffle, which could actually be ice-cream in disguise!


Poni Cosmetics

These gals stood out from the crowd. In their little hot pink dresses, killer heels and beautifully polished hair and make-up, these ladies were clearly on a mission to beautify. For perfect brows made easy, these are the products you want, and their brow kit and step by step instructions will give you brows to be proud of every day.


Be Coyote

For those with sensitive skin or those just wanting to stay natural and beautiful, look no further than Be Coyote. Every product is hypoallergenic, vegan, 100 % cruelty-free and has no nasty chemicals, preservatives or parabens. This truly is the ethical and natural beauty range of choice, and I’d love to see more of this type of product, aimed particularly at young girls.


Mancine Professional

I could have been forgiven for thinking I was in a lolly shop when I came across this stand. Not only are the packages bright and funky, with an allure that says ‘buy lots of me,’ but these products, which turned out to be hot wax, come in an enticing array of fragrances. Try Pomegranate, Brazilian Strawberry or Apple and Papaya to feel and smell gorgeous.


And there were one or two things that I discovered that I’m still not sure about. See what you think, and let me know:

Is there a place of ‘vaginal atrophy’ at a hair and beauty event? Even if it was a non-invasive treatment they were selling, it still made me cross my legs all the way to the car park. Then there was the ‘The Ingrown Zone,’ which was doing good work, but it made me itch.

I liked the guy selling shears, but I do think we should save those for sheep, and I wouldn’t be too comfortable if Justin pulled those out of his trolley as I make my way back from the basin on Saturday morning.

Then there was UV protection for nail treatments, 3D liposuction and luxury shower wear, which I didn’t really understand, because where I’m from, we do that in the nude. Melbourne people – you are such trendsetters!

I may have mentioned the next best thing for 2015, so keep being beautiful, and remember, you heard it here first!


Written by WSS contributor, Abi Gold. 

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