Nursery Decor: 4 Tips for Designing a Nursery

Bringing a child into this world is quite a blessing, but it can also feel like too much work. When you are a first-time parent, there is a lot to do. The worst part is never having done this before, which makes it scarier. There is so much work to be done even when the child is not born. You have to baby-proof the whole house, buy supplies and store them, read up on how to take care of a baby, and much more. One of the most important tasks to get done before your baby arrives is to set up their nursery.

 This will be the place where they would spend most of their time. It is important to have something that will cultivate an atmosphere of love and security. Setting up an entire room is no small thing, this takes quite a lot of planning and time. There is a lot of stuff that you would need to buy in order to complete the nursery. We have talked to a lot of interior designers and experts in order to get a few tips and tricks on getting the décor just right. Here are some things to help you get started.

Take innovation from a single item

More often than not, we buy a lot of things to fit in the nursery and then find out that all of the items do not fit well with each other. According to expert interior designer Naomi Alon Coe, there would be one piece of décor or item that speaks to you the most. It could be something as small as a painting, a wallpaper pattern, or even the crib. When you find a major thing for the rest of your décor to revolve around, everything falls into place. You can even depend upon an idea such as a tropical theme or something that is quite close to your heart. Go and take inspiration from any place you can find it. Go out for walks, search for ideas online, and just listen to your gut. The design will grow from this seed idea and your nursery will look perfect.

Themes should not be gone overboard with

Yes, it is quite modern to have a theme for your nursery décor. It can look quite nice, light, and lovely if it is done right. You should be quite cautious while using a theme. It is important to not go down an extremely narrow path for a theme that will not look nice for a long period of time. Sticking to classics is sometimes the best since you will have to wait for quite a few years before changing the nursery again and you might get bored of your theme.

 If you are very certain about your theme, try to pick a few pieces that highlight it instead of choosing each and every single piece to go with the theme. For example, if your theme is the night sky, keep your palette neutral and use twinkle twinkle little star nursery decor in order to accent the room. You can also add small starry nightlights to complete the theme.  You can take Cathie Hong’s advice and start with a neutral base for the furniture.

 You can also use a ton of accent lighting in order to make the place look more spruced up. Now is the time for your decor, wallpaper, and accent pieces to come in. Even if your taste changes over a period of time, you have a nice canvas to start again. A soft and neutral colour palette will really make way for more bold and inspiring ideas. It also promotes a calm and relaxing environment both for the mother and child. 

Get a hang of your floorplan

Your nursery doesn’t need to just look pretty, it should also be quite practical. You should have certain zones for changing, playing, and sleeping. It is important to measure the room and areas before you start buying any furniture because it might not fit exactly the way you want it to. First, pick out an area for the crib and the changing table. 

Your playing area would ideally be in a corner so that the room does not get messed up too often. You can buy things such as toys of different colours and textures. You can also get a ton of soft pillows to keep in the crib so that your baby stays comfortable. Also, make space for the nursing chair that will be kept in the room. You do not need to always buy baby-specific furniture. You can always buy a dresser that can store all your baby’s things and can be used as a proper dresser later on.

 The rocking chair that is bought for the room can be shifted into the living room after a couple of years. Get furniture that is multipurpose and has extra space for storage, such as a bassinet with a built-in drawer. This is great for when you need to save space in the room and you do not have much to work with.

The room should grow with the baby

Although all of us are very enticed by small and cute things that match our baby’s age, our baby will grow soon and it would be tough to redecorate the area. You should design your nursery keeping in mind a flexible design that can be adapted easily throughout their childhood. Try using ageless elements in things such as your curtains, art, and the accessories and decor in the room. 

Make sure that what you use for your baby can also be used for a child when he or she is 12. This does not mean that the room can’t be whimsical, after all, it is for a baby. The room also needs to be transitional, one that adapts and grows along with your child. If you can do this, you won’t need to majorly redecorate for years on end.

It is important to make your nursery both comforting and practical. If you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start, use these tips and tricks to navigate your path. 

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