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This post is part of my involvement in the Microsoft Connections Ambassador Program.

office away from home

Scary to think I have been using Microsoft and Office products for over twenty years now but when you are onto something that is functional, practical and works well, why change? The new Office is more streamlined and user friendly. I have found what used to take a few clicks to do, I can now do in one. I recently purchased a Microsoft Keyboard and mouse and it has make the experience of working with Office amazing and I get a lot more done in a short space of time, which is essential when you are a working Mum with three boys.

When I was a marketing executive, I used Word and PowerPoint everyday and still do. I use PowerPoint to do reports for clients and word to draft posts, for contract and confidentiality agreements and a lot more.

I am really excited to say Office has a new product on the market, Office 365, which let’s you use Office on any portable device (tablets, phones etc) and laptops when you are on the go.

You pay a yearly minimal fee for five devices. On Windows, Microsoft lets you install Office 365 on five different computers with your single subscription, each with its own customisation which is tied to each Microsoft account. This means you could be creating a report in one room on your account, while your child creates a project in another room on theirs, and each of you can give the Office apps personalized themes, and each will see the most recent documents tied to your personal account.

All of your work is attached to your Microsoft account and backed up to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, so you’ll be able to access your work anywhere. You can already get 7GB of space on OneDrive now for free, but with these Office 365 Home Premium subscription plans you get an additional 20GB. 

I use Office 365 on my phone and tablet and regularly get out to cafes and the park. It is great to  be able to work with a client at a cafe or at their workplace with everything I need on hand. I don’t know how I ever worked without it!

I even do all of my emails while I am waiting at the boy’s school at pick up time (I have to get there at 2.30 to get a park, so it gives me half an hour of email time) on my tablet.

To say the new Office products have been a time saving, life saver for me. It still amazes me I can access all of my documents and work anywhere.


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