Oh Christmas tree

Tomorrow (December 1st) is the traditional day to put up your Christmas tree and decorations in preparation for Christmas (dah! Obvious Nelly…umm well Kellie actually.. there!).
We will be putting ours up tomorrow afternoon after a morning at Highpoint putting together Lego Christmas houses together, which the boys can then take home (very cool, yes? Mum of the year award right there, I think!). Anyway, back to the decorating…the boys are so excited, they have been asking to put it up for weeks. So I promised we would do it tomorrow.
Yesterday, after school pick up, we headed off to Target to get some ornaments for the tree. This year I have a theme (*jumps up and down excitedly*… yes, this OCD Virgo needs to have everything coordinated!), you see the last seventeen years we have had crappy cheapy ornaments and paper chains/ decorations the kids have made. I am all for putting the kids things on the tree when they are little but now they are older and have stopped bringing home lovely *aherm* decorations, I can finally have a pretty colour co-ordinated tree. Yes, I’m probably a mean mummy but pfft! this year is my year! I did give them the choice of picking out some ornaments themselves (with some guidance, of course!)… see I’m not that mean! The only mean thing happening is Target are having 50% Christmas decorations all weekend, just after I had bought ours! I may have to go back and get some more though 😉

You see the last few weeks I have been trawling sites like Martha Stewart, Pinterest, Target etc to get ideas on how we could decorate this year and I have decided on a gold and red theme… well mainly gold.  Target have a fantastic decorating guide

Would you like to see what we bought?

The photo doesn’t really do the ornaments justice but the reindeer ornaments (behind Koala Santa) are so cute and the decorative tree is gorgeous with little pearls in the middle of each of the flower branches.
I am loving the cute Australiana themed animals and national flora baubles too. More can be seen Here. You know you get dodgy bon bons/ crackers every year? Target has fantastic Australiana bon bons. Wonderful idea, isn’t it? A lot better than a crappy paper hat and 2 cent Asian toy (which probably aren’t to Australian standards, just quietly!).

I will post our finished tree over the weekend. But in the meantime, to get you into the festive spirit, Target would like to offer one lucky reader a $50 Target voucher
To enter, fill in the details on our contact form and mention you would like to enter this competition. 
Competition closes 7th December 2012 at 5 PM. Good luck! 

13 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree

  1. I would love to win this comp as I lUV Target!

  2. I would love to win a target voucher, my hubby lost his job recently and things are tight so this would be fantastic .

  3. I am entering to win a target voucher as that would be so handy, At this time of year for gifts under the tree.

  4. I never knew that Dec 1st is the traditional day to put up the tree,something new I learned today.I’d love to win,kitty is always a bit bare around Christmas.

  5. i would love to win please

  6. My son wants a 3DS for Christmas and it’s out of our price range – an extra $50 would make the difference

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