How To Pick the Right Jewellery For You

We all like to accessorise with a bit of bling, but is your jewellery game on fleek? Are you matching the right pieces to you outfit, skin tone and body shape? Don’t fret; I’m here to help with this guide.

Skin tone

Firstly, you may think that you can wear any type of metal you like? Sorry, but if you want the best look, you need to match the precious metal that your jewellery is made from to your skin tone.

Warmer skin tones, suit gold jewellery best. Think gorgeous tan, flowing black maxi dress and layer of fine gold necklaces. When shopping at the jewellery store, cooler skin tones should go for silvers and platinum items. Of course, like all rules, they are made to be broken, so if you see that must have piece, that you just can’t do without, just go for it!



Not all necklaces match will all necklines. This is especially important to bear in mind if you consider jewellery to go with your wedding dress or another formal outfit.

A crew neck top goes well with a peter pan type collar or bib, while if you are wearing a boat necked top you can go fro a more dramatic waterfall necklace. If you a rocking a v neck, a statement necklace is a good choice, with a halterneck, try a something more subtle like a delicate necklace.


A factor you have to consider when choosing your jewellery is your lifestyle. Do you work in a kitchen? Then rings with lots of diamonds in are not going to be practical. Do you exercise a lot and keep your jewellery on? Then go for a delicate chain piece rather than a bulky statement necklace. Do you have little ones that may chew on your necklaces? Why not try a rubber teething necklaces. The perfect utilitarian piece.

Another practical factor you need to consider is caring for your jewellery. Don’t forget that if you clean and store it well, you can get a lifetime of wear from your favourite piece.

Body shape

An issue that is often overlooked with jewellery is body type and proportion. Just like your clothes you need to make sure that your jewellery items are working in your favour. Is there a particular part of your body that you like to show off? Choose a beautiful piece of jewellery to accentuate it. Want to make your neck look slimmer, try some long earrings? Don’t like your fingers? Best not to cover them in rings.

Plus size girls need to be especially careful with proportion. It’s the same as with handbags. If you are a curvy girl, a small handbag can make you look bigger than you are, because it is out of proportion with your frame. The same goes for jewellery. Try a large chunky statement piece to get a right balance in your outfit. If you really like the delicate look, layer a number necklaces together so it’s still pretty, but you get the proportion right.


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