Better Safe than Sorry: Is It Ever ‘Too Early’ To Teach Your Child Pool Safety?


Owning your own pool is a great luxury. Being able to cool off in your backyard anytime without having to go anywhere can make you feel like a king. Although there is a long list of benefits associated with having a pool, one of the most important considerations that you should be aware of is child safety.

Learn to Swim

On a hot day, there is probably no better way to keep kids entertained then by putting them in a swimsuit and letting them splash around in the pool. A swimming pool is the ideal situation to introduce young kids to water since it is a more easily controllable environment where there are no dangerous currents or hazardous animals. But even in the secure environment of a swimming pool, children must begin their life in the water with a solid safety foundation.


First and foremost, kids need to be kept under close adult supervision not only when they are in the water, but at all times when they have access to the pool. Supervision by older children does not cut it, there must an adult who has the abilities to deal with an emergency should one arise. When very young swimmers are in the pool, an adult should be in the water with them and within arm’s reach. If constant supervision is not possible, a purpose-built barrier can suffice.

No Running

Although the water itself poses the greatest hazard, children need to be reminded that running around the pool and diving into a shallow pool are dangerous activities. Pool decks are often slippery and may be uneven in places where a child could trip and hit their head. Diving into shallow water can not only result in a concussion, but kids can suffer wrist, arm and neck injuries as well.

Safety First

Ultimately, the most effective way to keep a child safe in swimming pools, and all water for that matter, is to empower them with strong swimming skills. The sooner a child learns to be a strong swimmer, the greater their ability will be to keep themselves and others safe. It is almost never too soon to introduce a young child to the water and begin teaching them the basics.

Clear Work Space

Regardless of how many pool rules you can convince a child to memorise, it is up to you, the adult, to create the safest environment possible for them. Make sure there are not electrical hazards around the pool and avoid using any glass in the area. Keep the pool deck clear of toys and other items that kids could trip over. Be careful that there are no loose fabrics, strings or ropes which could entangle a swimmer.

When it comes to children and swimming pools, safety is paramount. They can be endless sources of fun for kids when they are taught the how to keep themselves and others safe. As it is never too early to introduce a child to the pool, it is never too early to teach them proper safety as well. Just make sure that it is not too late.

Do you have any tips on pool safety to share? If you are in the market for pool products and expert advice, contact a specialist such as Alliance Pool Stores ; after all, your pool needs to be clean and healthy in order to be a safe, controlled environment for your children.

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