Protect Your Kids From The Sun In Your Garden!

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When the sun starts to shine, there is nothing better than chilling out in the garden as a family. Your kids can play out there for hours, and it’s a great way of encouraging them to be active. But being in the sunshine means you have to take steps to protect your child from getting burnt and getting sunstroke. Here’re the top ways to protect your kid from the sun while in the garden.  


Put sunscreen on

Before letting them go outside and play, it’s so important to apply sunscreen to their skin. There are so many sunscreens to choose from which are ideal for protecting children for a couple of hours in the sun. You need a sunscreen which is above 30 SPF to help ensure your kid is safe in the sun. And remember every couple of hours you need to reapply the sunscreen on your child. Check to make sure that the sunscreen is water resistant so that if they get wet, it will still mean they are protected in the sun. They might moan about having it on, but tell them it’s so important to keep safe in the sun.

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Create shade in the garden

If you want to protect your child from the sun, you need to ensure there is enough shade to keep them safe. If you are planning to have dinner out there, why not buy an umbrella which can be put over the table and chairs. It will ensure they are not in the direct sunlight when trying to eat their dinner. They can draw and play on the table and chairs then without you having to worry. You can also get a cover which will protect the patio or decking area such as awnings for a delicately shaded patio. These will help your child stay safe in the sun.


Make them they wear a hat

Another way to protect them in the sun while they are in the garden is to get them a hat to wear. It will ensure they don’t get too hot and sweaty, and protects them from the hot sun rays. You can get so many cool hats for both sexes which they will love to wear in the garden. If your child moans, explain to them if they don’t wear it, they won’t be able to sit outdoors. Make sure you get some child sunglasses as well to help protect their eyes from the sun rays.



Limit their time during the hottest rays

It’s best to wise up on when the sun will be at its hottest during the day. It tends to be during 12-3pm when it’s at its warmest, and your kids are more likely to be burnt. Limit the time out during this period. You could always call them in to have their lunch during this time and then go back outdoors a bit later. Or tell them to sit in the shade during the hottest time.


And remember it’s not just your kids who need to keep protected in the sunshine. Make sure you look after yourself by applying sunscreen and getting a pair of glam shades.


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